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Parent Company: Gawker
Editor-in-Chief: Jessica Coen
Boycott: yes
Celebrity, Sex, Fashion for Women. Without Airbrushing.

Jezebel is primarily a feminist blog that's own by Gawker Media. It was launched in May 21, 2007.[1][2]


When Jezebel was founded, the founding editor, Anna Holmes, stated that the blog/news site's idea came from the desire to serve Gawker's female base, who made the majority of the site's readership during that time.


Role in Gamergate

Sometime in 2014, one of the Jezebel editors/reporters stated that they, Jezebel will be offering $10,000 for any unretouched photo of a male GamerGate participant that they "would Actually fuck." [4][5] Also, Jennifer Allaway, one of Jezebel's social researchers, talks about an e-mail that came to her when people are tweeting "Gamergate" at her. She went deep in 8chan, just to "collect data." After that crazy experience, she just concluded that Gamergate is a "hate group", even stating that Eron Gjoni was the nebulous consumer revolt's leader.[6]

In 2017, Jezebel reported on the "Never is Now" summit, stating that if a woman journalist was in the summit, she would have "pointed out that the racist, misogynist, anti-Muslim/anti-Semitic alt right was preceded by anti-women groups, like GamerGate and Men's Right's Activists." [7] In 2017, the Jezebel got upset that Lil Duvall did a transgender woman joke, stating that "It seems kind of insane that another cis dude would decide to weigh in with his own observations about trans people."[8][9]

Raju Narisetti, who is the CEO of Univision Communication Inc's Gizmodo Media, which Jezebel, is a part of, joined the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees.[10][11]

In June 2018, Jezebel ran a hit piece on Jordan Peterson, a Canadian professor, when the New York Times ran an article about the Dark Web's Intellectual side. Whitney Kimball, the author of the piece, wrote that her "hands are clammy. My blood has run cold." And stated that the former Harvard University professor espouses a "worldview which gives a darker, more hateful dimension to everyday misogyny. The interview reveals a flat-earth view of sexual and racial politics derived from made-up lore."[12][13][14]

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