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Jeff Gerstmann
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Aliases: N/A
Occupation: Video game journalist
Affiliations: GameSpot editorial director (1996–2007)
Giant Bomb co-founder/editor (2008–)

Jeff Gerstmann is a video games journalist whose career has included work at GameSpot, and is a co-founder and the current editor of Giant Bomb.

Fired From GameSpot

Editorial Director of GameSpot Jeff Gerstmann was fired from the company on November, 28 , 2007. Quickly rumors began to circulate. It was believed by some that Edios Interactive had threatened to pull their advertising as a consequence of his review of the video game Kane & Lynch. Edios had already purchased notable advertising space for the very same game on the GameSpot website.

GameSpot was acquired by CNET in 2008, and CNET was ultimately acquired by CBS Interactive, years later.

On the Fifteenth of March, 2012 GameSpot's YouTube channel published a video entitled GameSpot and Giant Bomb Announcement. Jeff Gerstmann, editor of Giant Bomb, and Jon Davidson, of GameSpot, were present in the video to discuss the acquisition of Giant Bomb by CBS Interactive. Jeff would again be working closely with the team at GameSpot. For that reason, it was perceived as necessary to discuss his dismissal years earlier. [1]

Gerstmann described his understanding that, his review of the video game Kane & Lynch, and the response by Edios Interactive had been the reason for his dismissal. As had already been rumored for years. He clarified however, that the decision was made by management senior the the editorial team.

They went on to discuss VMX Racing released for the Play Station one, years earlier. Stating that his review of this game also brought a threat of lost revenue for the publication. He noted, however, that at that time his actions were defended by GameStop management. Jon Epstein, allegedly, requested conformation from Jeff that he was committed to his initial review. Epstien seemed satisfied with the answer from Gerstmann, "Yeah, pretty bad." [2]

More information is available from Wikipedia.


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