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Izzy Galvez
Aliases: none
Affiliations: Amazon, Crash Override Network
Now what do we do with this info? Mombot is a fucking menace.
— Izzy Galvez

Izzy Galvez is one of the members of the Crash Override Network and a self described "Internet Abuse Specialist" for Amazon. [1]


Role in Gamergate

Izzy Galvez claimed that Gamergate doxxed, harassed, and SWATTed him. In an interview he stated that people involved in such activities are "domestic terrorists."

He was one of the many, who falsely reported pro-Gamergate users and got them banned off of Twitter. An outrageous claim was that Ethan Ralph was controlling Galvez to get GG banned off of Twitter. [3]

Izzy Galvez has even defended the self-confessed pedophile Sarah Nyberg.

Quote: Surely, GG wouldn't lie about the logs always being available or lie about them being tampered with. Oops! "Ethics".

Zach Attack Doxxing

Izzy Galvez's ties with CON, was revealed in the chat logs, were mombot, a Twitter user set up a honeypot trap. Where he analzyed multiple images to properly identity mombot [4] [5]


Izzy has his own YouTube channel, but the channel is gone.

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