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== References ==
== References ==

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Aliases Jim, IA, Mr. Metokur, Twitter: @WeWuzMetokur
Occupation blogger, youtube video creator
Affiliations GamerGate

Internet Aristocrat, otherwise known as Jim, was a YouTube personality who became known for his videos discussing GamerGate, Tumblr, and the disparate communities surrounding both. His initial video on the Zoe Quinn Scandal was spread around many communities and websites, accruing a considerable amount of attention. The video had over 800,000 views when it was taken down. He followed this up with three more videos on Gamergate and the Quinnspiracy.

However, he eventually shut down his channel and dissociated himself from the movement. He felt that GamerGate had failed to take 'the opportunity to finally kick the teeth in of social justice warriors'. Additionally, he was incensed by the presence of what he considered to be sellouts within the movement, believing that they were in it for the money exclusively. He was also perturbed by the abundance of moderation and neutrality, believing that extreme stances had to be taken in order achieve true success. This was stated on this specific vocaroo, although several libelous forgeries were crafted and disseminated across the internet in an attempt to portray him as a self-promoter.

Although Jim has promised to eventually return, thus far, no portents of this have surfaced.[clarification needed]

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