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Intel is an American computer processor company. Intel pulled their advertisement campaign from Gamasutra on the 1st October 2014, this was due to complaints recieved from Gamasutra's participation in Gamers are Dead.[1] Intel considered the Gamasutra articles as controversial, they received heavy backlash from GamerGate opposition due to this decision, the opposition claimed that Intel had bent to the whims of a hate group, and by doing so were endorsing harassment. Intel issued a statement which included an apology to anyone offended by their actions.[2] The following day many articles were written smearing them and the supporters of GamerGate. On the 13th November 2014, Gamasutra tweeted "Intel reinstated ads on Gamasutra" they also claimed that it was an "ad campaign" and not an "ad service".[3]

Diversity Initiative Scandal

In January, at CES 2015, Intel CEO Brian Krzanich unveiled a $300 Million dollar diversity initiative. This initiative claims to be focused on encouraging women and also minorities to participate in hardware and software development; few details were given as to how this will be achieved.

On the screen of the platform the logos for the IGDA and Feminist Frequency were shown as 'partners' in this initiative which raised major questions on the due diligence and insider dealings within Intel.

The result of this was many Gamers expressing their distrust at this towards Intel on both its Twitter and Facebook accounts. This included extensive participation of David Draiman due to the anti-semetic tweets of Jonathan McIntosh.

Later, an investigation by GamerGate supporters identified Kim Pallister an Intel Director of Content as the likely source of collusion with his extensive long term relationships with the IGDA through Kate Edwards and the UBM through his blog at Gamasutra and personal friendship with Leigh Alexander.

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