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IndieCade according to itself, is "dedicated to the discovery, development and recognition of independent artists and developers from around the world." GamerGate investigations found that award shows are often rigged in favour of some recipients where the quality of the game doesn't matter.

IndieCade 2011

Indie Fund recipient Fez won the Best In Show and Best Story/World Design awards at IndieCade 2011.

Relationship to Indie Fund

Indie Fund investor Kellee Santiago was chair of the IndieCade jury in 2011.

IndieCade 2012

Organizers of the 2012 IndieCade included:[1]

  • Stephanie Barish
  • Sam Roberts
  • Celia Pearse
  • Erin Shaver
  • John Sharp
  • Naomi Clark
  • Akira Thompson
  • Elizabeth Swenson
  • Sean Bouchard
  • Jeremy Gibson
  • Juan Gril
  • Drew Davidson
  • Cindy Poremba
  • Coleen Macklin
  • Robin Arnott - Reported to be a sexual partner of Zoe Quinn [1]
  • Maya Kramer - Reported to be a sexual partner of Zoe Quinn [1]
  • Simon Ferrari

IndieCade gave an award to Zoe Quinn's game Depression Quest.[1]

GameJournoPros Memebers


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