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Type Profesional Associaton, non-profit.
Leader Kate Edwards

The International Game Developers Association, or IGDA, is a professional organization of over 12,000 software developers. Its stated goals are to "advance the careers and enhance the lives of game developers by connecting members with their peers, promoting professional development, and advocating on issues that affect the developer community."



Role in Gamergate

IGDA founder declarations about #GamerGate


Involvement in GGautoblocker and the endorsing of it

Endorsement of the Blocklist

On November 21, 2014, IGDA wrote an article about the harassment of female developers, and recommended that their members use Randi Harper's GamerGate Block List, which contained developers such as Jennifer Daw and Slade Villena, as well as the founder of The Escapist, Alexander Macris. They described the blocklist as a tool to ward off the worst offenders of "the latest wave of harassing", but the list is also set to block followers of, among others, Milo Yiannopoulos and Slade Villena. They quickly changed the wording to indicate that the list only blocked "the worst offenders", but this is remains untrue, as it blocks all followers, regardless of whether or not they have actually harassed anyone.[1]

Several game developers, as well as media sources--regardless of their affiliations--were also indiscriminately labeled as harassers, damaging their reputations and hurting their business opportunities.

People blocked by the bot include the actor Taye Diggs, Snowboarder DJ Many, Marketing executive Marsha Friedman, and KFC.

On November 22, 2014, IGDA_PuertoRico's chairman, Roberto Rosario, noticed that he was included in the blocklist, and demanded that this be fixed, or that he would be handing in his resignation.[2]

IGDA's role in the creation of GGautoblocker Blocklist

On November 22, 2014, IGDA issued a statement decreeing that the blockbot was third-party, and that, therefore, they had nothing to do with it.[3]

However, on November 21, 2014. Dona Prior,[4] creator of IGDA Community manager SIG,[5] spokesperson in the IGDA Summit, and affiliated with the IGDA wing WIG,(Women in Gaming)[6] said this on blockbot's Facebook page:

"Damn straight. A bunch of us had our fingers in it, with WIG taking the major load work of it all."
— Donna Prior [7]

This comment was written a day before Kate Edwards' statement on Twitter, showing that Kate wasn't being honest when denying IGDA's responsibility for the elaboration of GGautoblocker.

Closure of IGDA Puerto Rico

-pending- [8]


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