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Harvard University


Board of Overseers

As of October 2012:

  • Scott A. Abell (2012-2018), retired chairman and CEO, Abell & Associates, Inc.
  • Flavia B. de Almeida (2011-2017), partner, Monitor Group
  • Photeine Anagnostopoulos (2009-2015), chief operating officer, chief executive for finance and administrative operations, Newark Public School District
  • Lynn Wan-Hsin Chang (2008-2014), concert violinist, violin professor
  • Morgan Chu (2009-2015), partner, Irell & Manella LLP
  • Walter Clair (2009-2015), medical director of cardiac electrophysiology and assistant professor of medicine, Vanderbilt University Medical Center
  • Sir Ronald Mourad Cohen (2007-2013), chairman, Portland Trust & Bridges Ventures, and director of Social Finance Inc.
  • Cheryl Dorsey (2010-2016), president, Echoing Green
  • Darienne Driver (2017-2023), superintendent, Milwaukee Public Schools
  • Anne Fadiman (2008-2014), author; Francis Writer-in-Residence, Yale University
  • Paul J. Finnegan (2008-2014), co-CEO, Madison Dearborn Partners
  • Lucy Fisher (2007-2013), film producer and co-head, Red Wagon Entertainment
  • Richard W. Fisher (2011-2017), president and chief executive officer, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
  • Verna C. Gibbs (2011-2017), professor of surgery, University of California, San Francisco; director, NoThing Left Behind
  • Linda Greenhouse (2009-2015), Knight Distinguished Journalist-in-Residence and Joseph Goldstein Lecturer in Law, Yale University
  • Eve J. Higginbotham (2008-2014), visiting scholar for health equity, Association of American Medical Colleges
  • Walter Isaacson (2010-2016), CEO, The Aspen Institute
  • Nicholas Kristoff (2010-2016), columnist, The New York Times

Former members