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Aliases @Grummz
Occupation Developer

Mark Kern was the producer of StarCraft, Diablo 2 and World of Warcraft, among others.[1] He got involved with Gamergate in the wake of the Law & Order: Special Victim Units episode Intimidation Game, by creating a petition calling Kotaku and Polygon to help to heal the perceived rift between gaming media and gamers.[2] When Gamergate was going on, Mark got involved during the wake of the Law & Order: Special Victim Units espisode, Intimidation Game, by making a petition asking Kotaku and Polygon to help heal the rift between the gaming media and gamers.[1][2]


-pending- [3]

Role in Gamergate

February 17, after when the Law and Order SVU reference Gamergate, Mark Kern made a petition to Kotaku and Polygon requesting them to cease their sensationalizing reporting and do a serious actual coverage of ethics, women in gaming, and video games as a positive change.[4] [5]

That same day, Patrick Garratt, one of's writers, penned an article about this petition, claiming there's no yellow journalism and asking for those gaming news sites to fix their ways is blaming the messenger.



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