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Giles Matouba is the Game Director of DXMD of Eidos Montreal and a veteran French game developer with fifteen years industry experience, mostly at Ubisoft and Eidos Montreal. [1]

Role in Gamergate

Giles responded and was interview by KotakuInAction of why there's a 'mechanical apartheid' in the "Deus Ex: Mankind Divided" game. He stated his frustrations of sadness and angry that "Ignorant people just ASSUME that everyone behind this game [Deus Ex] is ill-spirited, stupid, and more importantly for me, that they hate they [sic] are all WHITE. (For them devs equal white, gamers = white)." [2][3][4][5] When he and Andre Vu decided on is to delivering a unique chance to play as Adam Jensen, who is an Augmented, and the where he lives in is aggressively segregating augmented beings. Doing this story is something that's close and very personal to both devs and it's important to them to not make this half-ass when it comes to analogies. In addition, Deus Ex is a mature and thoughtful franchise that's to hook gamers on questions and thoughts: power, control, species, science, sociology, singularity, and so forth.


Both Andre Vu and Giles Matouba came up with the "Meechanical Aparthied" four years ago.

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