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Gilda Mars represents Reddit and is Vivian James's neighbor. Her name is a parody of "Gilded Mary Sue" and also a parody of G. Mars is "Gamers."

Gilda Mars, as seen on the twitter of The Fine Young Capitalists.
Gilda Mars, as seen on the twitter of TFYC

Origin Story and Appearance

Appearance and Personality

Gilda is always smiling and wearing her pom-pom hat with the Reddit Snoo Alien antenna and with upvote/downvote pom-poms. She wears boots, navy blue skirt, and light blue coat, which has yellow cuffs, a matching scarf (Gilda was forced to wear this, to muffle out what the truth could be, no matter how hard it is, even for her), and pom-pom buttons. [1]

Gilda Mars is the polar opposite of Vivian James, she is younger, eternally cheerful, perky, and innocent to a fault. Apparently, Gilda is an intellectual (Book learned apparently).

A portray of Gilda is that she likes to hang out with Vivian a lot, because the young Mars is not welcome in her own home due to "Mama" Pao (aka Ellen Pao)'s open contempt for her. Gilda's home life is very strict in what she can and cannot say, plus whom she can speak with, and her conversations are rated accordingly. Ellen Pao would ban her from the house if she knew Gilda was talking to pro-Gamergate people in a subreddit community, so far, she does not know.

Despite all of this, Gilda seems incapable of animosity and loves life with an unyielding cheerfulness (plus, loving her mother, Ellen Pao). Gilda is protective of Vivian and her friends from mockery on the internet. She will unleash downvotes upon her opponents.

Origin Story

When Reddit managed to organization approximately $4,000 in donations towards The Fine Young Capitalists , which earned them the video game character, Gilda. [2]

/v/ Belongs to Her

KotakuInAction seems mostly to neglect Gilda, despite the fact she represents Reddit in the Afterlife Empire video game. So the artists there adopts her. [3]

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