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She is the best friend of Vivian James, Gilda Mars, and the other pro-GamerGate mascots. Mainly, because she needs their protection and her life is in their hands. [1]


Gerta Gates Wicks (aka GG wiki-Chan) was made by MikiSayaka33 as this wiki's very own gijinka/mascot and to spread the wiki's existance (and cuteness around). Since the other wiki/wikias and websites have their own mascots. [2]

Appearance and Personality


Kya, I'm Twenty You Know

Gerta is one of those characters, who is older than see looks - Her 14-16 year old appearance is because of her lack of GamerGate data, pages, and information (Information, data, and pages helps wiki-chans grow up into their correct adult form); She is a blue haired, green eyed, female wiki-chan. Gerta Gate Wicks sports a beret, which has the appearance of a white game controller, she also wears a red belt - Were she clips a Jack Chompson plushie on it, a green vest with the words G G on it, a white skirt which has green and purple-pink-ish stripes, and a pair of turquoise knee length boots.

Adult Form


Gerta is a perky, kind, book smart, go-getter (Both with playing video games, gathering information, and life), and very confident.

Though, she is weak and cannot fend off attacks from vandalism (For the time being) - Hence she is dependent on Vivian, Gilda, the DeepFreeze Twins, and the other pro-GG mascots for protection, information growth, and does not have streetsmarts.


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