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Georgina Young

[[Georgina Young's Twitter avatar.jpeg]]

Aliases @georgieonthego
Occupation Video game journalist
Affiliations TechRaptor, Gamesided

Georgina Young is a writer for TechRaptor and Gamesided, as well as a co-host on the Youtube channel CitizenNapoleon, which has recently talked about the issues surrounding GamerGate from both sides of the debate.

#GamerGate Involvement

Georgina Young has written several #GamerGate articles, editorials, and interviews for TechRaptor.[1]

She was also a participant in the October 15, 2014 HuffPost Live segment "Female Gamers React To #GamerGate"[2] along with Jennie Bharaj and Jemma Morgan. During the interview, the three women denied any misogynistic goals in #GamerGate and affirmed that #GamerGate was about ethics in gaming journalism.

Young also wrote a rebuttal[3] to Mozilla's The Open Standard anti-#GamerGate article: Yes, #Gamergate is an Ed-Tech Issue.[4] The rebuttal was posted on November 4, 2014, but both articles were taken down the following day due to the controversy of the subject.[5]


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