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=== March ===
=== March ===
== See also[[[index.php?title=GamerGate_Achievements&action=edit&section=11|edit]]] ==
== See also ==
* [[index.php?title=GamerGate#The_Three_C.27s_of_.23GamerGate|The three C's of GamerGate]]
* [[#The_Three_C.27s_of_.23GamerGate|The three C's of GamerGate]]
== References[[[index.php?title=GamerGate_Achievements&action=edit&section=12|edit]]] ==
== References[[[index.php?title=GamerGate_Achievements&action=edit&section=12|edit]]] ==

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GamerGate Achievements

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This page lists GamerGate's accomplishments



  • Kotaku editor Stephen Totilo releases a statement regarding their stance on Patreon donations.[1]
  • Polygon editor-in-chief Chris Grant releases a statement regarding Patreon support and disclosure.[2]
  • Operation Disrespectful Nod is in the making (launched under the name in September), emailing advertisers in a coordinated effort.[3]


  • As a result of email campaigns, Polygon is reported to have lost an advertising sponsor. Another sponsor — Stacksocial — is alleged to have pulled ads from Kotaku.[4]
  • Intel pulls advertiser support from Gamasutra.[5]
  • The Guardian edits their article, "How to attack a woman who works in video gaming" with a partial disclaimer stating author Jenn Frank financially supported Zoe Quinn's game, Depression Quest.[6]
  • TFYC reaches funding goal of $65,000 USD, $23,000 of which is attributable to 4chan's /v/ board.[7][8][9]
  • GamerGate helps fund "American Foundation for Suicide Prevention" through Crowdrise.[10]
  • GamerGate helps fund "PACER Center National Bullying Prevention" through Crowdrise.[11]
  • Patreon decides not to take down the Sarkeesian Effect account.[12]
  • A Twitter account spams illegal pornography at the Feminist Frequency twitter account. 4chan users report the offending account for abuse.[13]


  • The University of Advanced Technology pulls advertising from Gamasutra due to concerns with negative journalism.[14]
  • Mercedes Benz confirms that that they would pull advertising from Gawker after hearing about comments from Gawker writer Sam Biddle regarding bullying.[15]
  • Bonobos confirmed that they no longer advertise with Gawker despite being listed as a partner at their site.[16]
  • BMW pulls advertising support from Gawker.[17]
  • Olympus withdraws advertising support from Gawker.[18]
  • Nissan suspends advertising ties with Gawker.[19]
  • Kelloggs stops advertising with Gawker.[20]
  • Digiday runs an article in which EA spokesperson John Reseburg states that EA has pulled advertising from Gawker. The article also indicates that Discover has also ceased advertising with Gawker, but does not provide a source.[21]
  • General Motors states that they do not have any sponsorships with Gawker Media nor do they conduct business or have any plans to do so for the future.[22]
  • Colgate pulls ads from Gawker.[23]
  • Dale North, Editor In Chief of Destructoid, announces his resignation on Tumblr.[24]
  • GamerGate helps fund "Child's Play" through Crowdrise.[25]
  • GamerGate helps fund "Action Against Hunger USA" through Crowdrise.[26]
  • GamerGate helps fund "United States Fund For Unicef" through IndieGoGo.[27]
  • GamerGate helps fund "extra life".[28]
  • GamerGate helps fund 32 different charities through a JustGive.org charity drive.[29][30]
  • The original doxxing of TFYC is linked to a writer named Jonathan Ross. Zoe Quinn and Maya Kramer had retweeted the original doxx, but were not otherwise connected.[31]
  • Zoe Quinn's allegations against WizardChan revealed to be — without any doubt — unfounded.[32]
  • Jennie Bharaj, Georgina Young and Jemma Morgan attend a Huffington Live Post segment where they provided perspective on GamerGate.[33]
  • Game design consultant Ernest Adams, founder of the International Game Developers Association (IGDA), threatens pro-GamerGate indie developers stating "If you're an indie developer and you are supporting #GamerGate, watch what you say. Your future business is at stake."[34] Shortly afterwards, the official IGDA twitter distanced themselves from Adams, stating "though @ErnestWAdams founded IGDA 20 yrs ago, [he] has not been involved for 15+ yrs".[35]
  • Operation Baby Seal begins.


  • Scrivener states they have not had a relationship with Gawker since June 2014 and do not intend to start a new relationship in light of the Gawker bullying comments.[36]
  • Dyson pulls advertising from Gawker.[37]
  • Giffgaff pulls advertising from Gawker.[38]
  • The Gamergate Dossier is released to the public.[39]
  • YouTuber Boogie2988 releases a Code of Ethics for his work. [40]
  • FTC clarifies guidelines surrounding affiliate links as a result of Operation UV, forcing Kotaku to disclose affiliate links.[41]
  • An editors note was left on an article on The Guardian saying the person in question "previously said that Gamergate activists were behind her harassment, but then told the Guardian that she changed her mind about that".[42][43]
  • GamerGate helps fund "Toys for Tots" through Crowdrise.[44]
  • GamerGate raises $5,500 for the World Wildlife Fund to sponsor, or "adopt", a sea lion. [45][46]
  • Mattie Brice asks to be removed from the IGF judge position after the IGF contacted her with concerns that she would make biased judgments on games.[47]
  • The IGDA backpedals and takes down the link to the anti-GamerGate twitter blocklist. In a private email to an anonymous indie dev, the IGDA stated that the list had nothing to do with the IGDA, and that the dev would need to take up the issue with the tool's developer to get their name removed.[48] However, the LinkedIn profile and Facebook posts from Donna Prior and WIG, the IGDA’s “Women in Games” division, indicate that the IGDA has a greater role in the twitter blocklist than they are currently claiming.[49]
  • Game developer Michael Massey resigns from IGDA due to its endorsment of the ggautoblocker.[50]
  • Mozilla apologizes to their readers, stating that a controversial topic like GamerGate did not fit with the intent of The Open Standard. Mozilla proceeds to remove both the pro and anti GamerGate articles from The Open Standard.[51]
  • Matthew Schnee, Front-End Web Engineer at Blizzard, apologizes for his earlier tweets on blacklisting GamerGate supporters from the video games industry.[52]


  • William Usher releases an update on the David Gallant situation. The update reveals that David is unable to withhold steam keys from being given to specific accounts. Due to this David abandons his plan of withholding steam keys from GamerGate supporters who had originally bought his game.[53]
  • Breitbart releases an article about GamerGate's Anti-Bullying Campaign and how it cost Gawker over a million dollars.[54]
  • After heavy backlash and criticism from consumers, Hatred is reinstated on Steam Greenlight, along with a personal comment from Gabe Newell about the removal.[55][56]
  • CrimeandFederalism.com releases an article in which it shows with evidence how Margaret Pless and Zoe Quinn doxed the lawyer Mike Cernovich, filled false police reports against him and put his life in danger by trying to get him swatted for showing support to the ideals of #GamerGate.[57]



  • IGN updateds their "Standards and Practices" page.[58]
  • William Usher runs an article on Tyler Wilde, author of the PC Gamer master race article, revealing that Wilde maintained close personal relationships with employees of Ubisoft and Capcom, but wrote about their products without disclosing his potential conflict of interest to readers.[59] This results in PC Gamer deleting Tyler Wilde's articles and apologizing, as well as creating an official ethics policy:

PC Gamer writers will continue to be obliged to disclose any significant personal relationships with people whose work they might cover, with the expected outcome that they will no longer be assigned to that particular subject. In any situation in which the writer was still required to comment on the subject, full disclosure will be provided in the article.[60]

  • When TotalBiscuit Tweeted about a charity, anti-gg'ers got angry and created the #unsubTB hashtag. GamerGate took over and used it to spread awareness of tuberculosis.[61][62]
  • Anti-Gamers revealed to be behind the swatting of Grace Lynn.[63]


  • The Verge seems to have been forced to disclose their affiliate links, likely due to the efforts of GamerGate.[64][65]
  • GamerGate helps fund Cytherea following her home invasion & sexual assault incident. [66]


See also


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