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GamerGhazi is a Reddit community that consists of SJWs and opponents of Gamergate, in order to mock Gamergate and Not Your Shield and support the perceived "victims" of Gamergate. The community was formed on September 22, 2014. [1]


The Gamerghazi name is a reference to the theories surrounding the September 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya. According to GamerGhazi users: [2]

It's a reference to the Benghazi "scandal". A right-wing conspiracy theory in the US that the government was responsible for the 2012 attack on the US' embassy in Benghazi.
Further: Much like how "Gate" is appended to modern scandals, "Ghazi" is appended to manufactured, ridiculous scandals.

Role in GamerGate

To those in Gamerghazi, they see Gamergate as people who could not accept female and minority acceptance into the gaming world. [3] Many of these accounts within Gamerghazi supports these claims, which came from very biased perspectives that provided little evidence or discussion. Most of their opinions are based on purely personal engagements, since there's some rude, immature, and childish people in online gaming. In addition, trolling is not uncommon in gaming these days, however, the act of trolling has gone from doing something clever or manipulative, to downright toxic behavior in order to gain ANY reaction whatsoever. Ghazi residents are convinced that this form of trolling is what the gaming community is and, in turn, Gamergate is defending it. Personal vendettas can create insatiable spite and its hard to talk someone down, who knows how to use it to manipulate people. For Ghazi, Gamergate's identity was trolls and those that defend them, allowing them to spread their toxicity throughout the gaming world and keeping women out of gaming.

On July 13, 2018, GamerGhazi's reaction to KotakuInAction about to be nuke by it's creator was that they "Don't condone or support his beliefs and he's been a piece of shit in his own right who helped spawn and host a right-wing movement."[4][5]

Gamerghazi's "Evil Twin"

Despite the name similarities, GamerGhazi on VOAT is were the neutrals, those on the fence, and pro-GamerGaters hang and debate GamerGate and other topics; it is even controlled by them. Just like Reddit's "Against Gamergate" community.

GamerGhazi user list

Leaked logs[6][7][8]

  • AlexKing - Aggressively accused BadKeyMachinez of transphobia.[7] Took advice from theblackeyed13 on trans issues.[8]
  • apinkgayelephant[6]
  • athalon[6]
  • BadKeyMachinez[7]
  • baoh[8]
  • bushiz[8]
  • catlinel[8]
  • celocanth13[7][6]
  • charmandersempai[8]
  • Coruscating_[6]
  • Davisaurinisskulls[8]
  • Delvaris[8]
  • DesertFox899[6] - Alex Leal
  • Drakonis[8]
  • DrPizza[6]
  • Duchess_Archer - "Wait. I actually need proof of doxxing."[8]
  • dys4ik[6]
  • Eidlon[8]
  • Elaine[6]
  • enchilado[8]
  • Enleat[7] from SRD[8]
  • Fans / MostlyClueless[7]
  • Fellidae[8]
  • FGC_Scrub[7][6]
  • FishfoxNuro / Warframe[8]
  • Flowerboy[6]
  • freebsdgirl[6]
  • glitchy[8]
  • gunvor[8]
  • HamburgerDude[6]
  • IAmAN00bie[6]
  • KnotKnox[6]
  • Koetsu[7]
  • LadyEffington[6]
  • le_biena1me[6]
  • Leo_Strauss[8]
  • libbies[6]
  • lifebaka[7]
  • Locutus[6]
  • lousypencilclip[6]
  • mach-2 - formerly of SRD[8]
  • Malky[8]
  • mecha-chen[6]
  • mstrkrft[8]
  • mudze[8]
  • nighthawk0010[6]
  • nupogodi[6]
  • OffensiveUser[6]
  • oneangry1nti[6]
  • PraxisCat[8]
  • pronhaul[6]
  • rarebit[7]
  • robotanna[6]
  • Sachyriel[7]
  • Seas[6]
  • ShaRose[6]
  • sjwisnotaninsult[8]
  • Snoo14595[6]
  • Snoo6542[6]
  • SocialShark[8]
  • SolarAquarion[6]
  • spideyj[6]
  • stinkyfoots - banned by Geary for making a holocaust joke when the chan was seriously discussing murdering all gamers. Commented: "I'll say straight up, I get treated worse for being jewish than any of the shitlordy communities."[7]
  • Supercrush[8]
  • synapse84[6]
  • theblackeyed13[8]
  • thraxina
  • throwawayfurther[7]
  • tieflingsjwarlock[8]
  • Tolvo[7]
  • TwoMaresTwoMany[8]
  • Tzse[7]
  • valrus[6]
  • Wes[6]
  • WingedPastry / strudelle[8]
  • Xen0m0rpH[8]
  • yume_no_hikari[6]
  • Zeipher[6]
  • ZenOfDesign[7]
  • ZombieL[7]

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