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Gamedropping - The act of adding the word "GamerGate" to an article that has nothing to do with the consumer revolt, usually for promotional purposes. It started occurring a few months after GamerGate started and has various motivations such as to improve SEO rank. What follows is a collection of articles in which gamedropping has occurred.

Articles promoting films:

Forbe’ s Scott Mendelson Gamedrops in a review of Sucker Punch

Forbe’s Maureen Henderson gamedropping to promote It Follows

Time inc NME’s Anne T. Donahue Gamedropping in an article promoting Mad Men

Mary Sue’s Lesley Coffin promoting Lost River

Word and Film’s Tom Blunt promoting new spider man film’s Peter Parker

TechnologyTell’s Bill Gibron promoting Guardians & Inside Out

Uproxx’s Bea Kaye in January promoting the film Passenger

The Atlantic’s Sophie Gilbert does in their article on the film Focus

Articles promoting television programs:

Bustle gamedrops in an article promoting Silicon Valley and Veep

Salon’s Promotion of Silicon Valley

MTV on Daria’s best moments

The Daily Beast’s Regina LIzik promoting Arrow

The Rolling Stone's Sean T. Collins promoting 'Halt and Catch Fire' season 2 premier.

Article promoting music:

Ian Cohen @ deadspin’ theconcourse about Attila

Non-promotional articles gamedropping or doing so for SEO:

FilmSchoolReject’s Scott Beggs gamedrops in his article about Morally Obsolete Movie Characters

Flavorwire in there article about the Violent Femmes and Teenage Angst

David Pakman gamedropping. videos tagged Gamergate get 5x more views than his other pieces.