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Game Words Incorporated was a Google Group founded by Cameron Kunzelman. [1] Some of the members of this group were early promoters of a negative stereotype of gamers.

On March 4, 2014, Alan Williamson of Five out of Ten announced that he had edited the term "gamer" out of his magazine. [2]

   My rationale is that I read 'gamer' is analogous to 'film buff' or 'music snob': someone who is obsessively dedicated - an otaku, if you like - with the blinkered mentality that implies. 

Dan Golding and Brendan Keogh referred to Adrienne Shaw's article Do you identify as a gamer? to justify that writers should stop using the word, with Keogh adding that "'gamer' only refers to a very narrow and specific (and highly gendered) subset of people who play videogames and should pretty much always be avoided... "

Kaitlin Tremblay claimed that the term "gamer" "has been used to denigrate and exclude"

Mark Duval claimed that the term "gamer" had "negative connotations (sexism, homophobia, hypermasculinity etc) associated with the word." Duval cited the Doritos Pope incident as an example of these things.


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