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Apologies for the Lack of much else but I felt it might be worth creating a collective archive of archive links people may have which are not presently being used in articles etc. The simple purpose being to see quite what evidence is out there and allow other wiki Editors here to make use of them by gathering it all in one place. My thought behind this being there are alot of people in GG and each o us may have vastly different sets of evidence etc.

I hope the admin / mods don't mind what is essentially going to be a link dumping ground with some vague order to it.

Main players Anti GG

Zoe Quinn

Zoe Begs Brad Wardell for a job just before she started insulting him [1]

Zoe Quinn encourages people to go after free game [2]

Zoe Quinn retweets a troll encouraging people to tweet threats at her for free games to frame GG [3]

See Also: Zoe Quinn

Brianna Wu

Brianna Wu claims she is the biggest victim of Gamergate [4]

Wu appeals to Anita Sarkeesian for help trying to start a hastag campaign, pre-GG [5]

See Also: Brianna Wu

Ian Miles Cheong

Calling TB a Homophobe [6]

See Also: Ian Miles Cheong

Anita Sarkeesian

Anita shows her support for Polygon and Ben Kuchera [7]

Anita talk about how she's looking forward to going to EA Dice because they make her Favorite game Mirror's Edge [8]

Anita blames school shooting on Manhood and denies Mental Illness or Guns have any part in it [9]

See Also: Anita Sarkeesian

A Man In Black

A Man In Black Admits to showing a picture on twitter that showed Felicia Day's Street Number [10]

Main players pro GG

Christina Hoff Sommers

When Anti GG send veiled threats that Christina Hoff would suffer if she didn't denounce GG [11]

Minor players pro, anti and neutral

Rami Ismail

Rami shows knowledge of and that he has been allowed to follow Anita Sarkeesian's private twitter [12]

David Pakman

D Pakman talks about SJWs emailing him trying to force him to apologise for his neutrality [13]

See Also: The David Pakman Show

Media organisations showing bad ethics


A Giant Bomb Poster points out how Stephen Totilo was trying to get a free console using his audience without telling them [14]

See Also: Kotaku

Other stuff for more one off engagements


Female SJW offers $10,000 for picture of a GG member they'd fuck [15]

See Also: Social Justice Warrior

ProG GG comments

A developer of the Survival Horror game Claire talk about how Anti GG are pirates [16]


Jesse Cox talks about how he was Shouted down for asking what Anita's end goal was [17]

Pro GG articles

Anti GG articles

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