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Felicia Day is an actress, famous for role in Supernatural.


Felicia Day was doxxed by an Internet Aristocrat impersonator, who is called 'Internet Aristocat,' forty-five minutes after publishing a blog post accusing GamerGate commentators of causing her to be afraid of video game players, despite the fact that she is one herself. [1] [2]

A Tale of Two A Man in Blacks

@a_man_in_black, a Twitter user, was the first to discover and report both doxxings. He had previously described as "pretty sexist" the concern whether the close relationships between gaming journalists and certain indie developers led to favorable coverage and condemned Not Your Shield as "tribalism." [3]

It was then reveal that @a_man_in_black's name/Twitter handle popped out earlier as part of a Disqus display bug and according to his Ask Me Anything, he was not the troll/doxxer, Internet Aristocat, who was bullying Felicia Day; he was not even the Wikipedia sysop (Who has sa similar name). [4] [5]. (One of the tweets proved Internet Aristocrat's innocence).

Condemned the Troll

The Gamergate/ Not Your Shield community denounced, disavow, and condemned the outsider troll, Internet Aristocat, and to also send the message that this does not represent the movement at all. [6] But the group is also sadden about what happened to her. [7]

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