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False Flags refer to the application of a usual military tactic; an attempt to deceive some group that some military operation had done a military action which they have not done. Within GamerGate, it is usually applied to Anti-GamerGate attempts to construe an apparent doxing, comment, or action to have been done by GamerGate when in fact it had been done by Anti-GG.

The following list are known and documented attempts that have been found so far.

Date Discovered Date Started Details Links
2014/10/25 2014/10/16 ??

Users of the Something Awful forums admit to being behind the negative media response. One user is quoted as saying:

"The New York Times front page! We did it! Goon-started drama has hit the NYT!"
Topic on SomethingAwful, Archive
2014/09/13 2014/09/13

A twitter user offers early demo codes for Super Smash Bros 3DS to people who tweet nasty things under the #GamerGate hashtag. Quote:

"Just got some more codes, first ten people to tweet "Drop Dead @TheQuinnspiracy #GamerGate gets a #SSB4 code!"
Archive, Infographic
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