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Sometime in December 2018, Epic Game, the owners of Fornite, made their own digital distribution client, called Epic Games Store, where the developers get 88% of the revenue.[1][2]

Role in Gamergate

Review Bombing Is, Like, Toxic

In December 5, 2018, Kotaku's Nathan Grayson interviewed Sergey Galyonkin, the guy who made Steam Spy. Galyonkin stated that he began Steam Spy as a hobby as a way to understand how Valve's client ticks and its inner workings, this he stated was just a "side project". He revealed that he was Epic Games' Director of Publishing Strategy as it turned out.[3] According to Sergey Galyonkin, he's always been interested in both data and game distribution, this made him starting two of his careers of Steam Spy and joining Epic. He gave some of his two cents, stating that "not a single developer I talked to wanted forums" and "the toxicity it brings" (which is why Galyonkin preferred to interact on his own terms in social media platforums). "That's why we won't have forums on Epic Games store and will start with a ticketing system, so gamers can message devs about their problems instead of review-bombing them."

Epic Games Store's was praised from Polygon, Kotaku, and other mainstream game journalist news sites, for taking on "toxic pro-consumerism".[4][5] and lamenting that Steam does things poorly because of their "failure to police the system, some, gamers, have weaponised the tools Steam gives them" and "Review bombing is becoming a more and more common technique to inflict damage on certain games.[6][7] Even to the point of even shilling for Epic Games' new launcher, a Polygon article stated "The line about improving the economics of game stores "for everybody", the Epic Games has found a way to get more players to more closely consider the economics of storefronts, and it did with both exclusives and a lower price."[8][9] And even wishing for Valve's launcher client to go way of the dodo.[10][11] Ignoring issues, some of which are present in the Fornite launcher, where thousands of Fortnite gamers' accounts got hacked as well as taken over and that the new EG store doesn't comply with the GDPR laws.[12][13]

A December 10, 2018, article in Gamasutra by David Galindo, puts in his two cents, were he reached the conclusion that the new client isn't good in its current state, especially for indie developers. Galindo listed Epic Games' features to find that its' lacking. - Friend list (block/unblock functionality), DRM-free packages (optional),refunds, limited regional pricing (more to come in 2019). These lack of features are also this to him - Epic Games is "aren't necessarily taking just 12% to benefit developers, they're taking that 12% because they're offering absolutely nothing in return, feature wise, and it would be a crime to take any more than that at this stage."[14] He makes it clear that he's not against making money, what he doesn't love is the launcher client's restriction of the freedom to choose - "..Epic's launcher, the only way they can funnel customers into their launcher is by locking everyone else out. Outside of a lager dev cut, no one would or should ever choose the Epic launcher as their go-to store."[15] Gamers, including those that buy from Steam, aren't thrilled about the lack of features as well, even listing just how small it is, even suspecting that Epic Games Store does Chinese Commie spying, since Tencent owns 40% of Epic Games share.[16]

As some Steam users found out that Epic Games Store's pricing is fair...If one lives in North America, but in some countries, like New Zealand, the prices keep increasing.[17] Proving that EGS's regional pricing is very different from Steam's, thus making the latter more affordable. Otpyrc, a redditor, made a spreadsheet highlighting the differences [18] In a January 2019 tweet, Sergey Galyonkin assured a gamer that the regional pricing is one of the problems that Epic Games Store must fix and that he's also talking to multiple payment providers, admitting that some of those guys like to charge plenty.[19][20] Even Tim Sweeney, Epic Games's CEO, stated in a tweet that "Epic adds a payment processing fee to the high-overhead international payment methods marked with asterisks in the hyperlinked chart above because it's the only practicable way to operate a 12% fee store in those developing countries..."[21][22]. This would only work in the United States, since the payment processor fees in other countries handling foreign currency transactions are really excessive. This forced Epic Games Store to charge everyone the bottom amount and giving the extra fees to customers in other places where it is applicable.

The Great Yonking

It's recently in 2019 that Epic Games Store began "poaching" games from Steam and making them timed exclusives, like Metro Escape, The Walking Dead's Final Episodes,[23][24][25] and Operenica: The Stolen Sun [26].[27] Epic Games's CEO, Tim Sweeney, in 2017, was bashing Microsoft for its using exclusivity on its Windows 10 app store as stated in this Polygon interview. Now he defends Epic Games' suspicious TOS saying "Epic does not share user data with Tencent or any other company." And their "special way" of getting exclusives (a concept that's mostly isolated only to consoles).[28][29][30] When asked on Twitter, Tim Sweeney stated that he "criticizing Microsoft's "curtailing users" freedom to install full-featured PC software, and subverting the rights of developers and publishers to maintain a direct relationship with their customers, not exclusives."[31][32]

In February 1, 2019, in a gamesindustry article, Tim Sweeney was shown replying to complaints that Epic Games Store is attempting to "silence consumers" by not allowing them to review, give feedback to the developers/game company, and lack of ratings.[33] He explained that Epic Games is working on a review system that's based on the Unreal Engine marketplace, which translate that "It will be opt-in by developers. We think this is best because review bombing and other gaming-the-system is a real problem."[34]Cite error: Closing </ref> missing for <ref> tag Stating that this was "Not a surprising response given the audience Steam has cultivated over the years by implicitly and explicitly advocating an irresponsible hands-off approach, allowing a pervasive player-vs-developer atmosphere to develop, and failing to consistently safeguard against review bombs, and other forms of toxicity."[35][36] Dismissing the fact, that Steam and those that pre-order the physical copies, will be given Epic Store keys instead of the usual Steam Keys.[37] have no where to vent about broken promises, express concerns (including legality law concerns), and give feedback to except on Steam in hopes that the Deep Silver developers will hear them. Mainly due to Epic Games Store's lack of reviews, forums, and such.[38]

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