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Encyclopedia Dramatica
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Parent Company: EDrama LIMITED
Owner: Joseph Evers
Editor-in-Chief: User Generated
Ethics Policy
Boycott: Questionable


Encyclopedia Dramatica, often referred to as ED, is a brutally honest (Some would say to the point of mean), yet sometimes satirical MediaWiki style website. They had many articles on #GamerGate and had been staunch supporters of GamerGate since the very beginning.

Their articles have been criticized by some as being attack, hit pieces, or worst, doxxing material. Others have called them one of the best and most informative venues for information on GamerGate and GamerGate related subjects.

However, some users are complete pieces of garbage. Archive related: https://archive.fo/Wmv5N Use Ctrl+F and write GG to find something interesting.


Encyclopedia Dramatica was co-organizer of the Boston Gamergate Meetup on Saturday May 23th 2015, known by the hashtag #GGinBoston. It featured Eron Gjoni and a bureaucrat/administrator from ED. They also will be attending the Western Massachusetts meet up in Northampton Mass, known as #GGinNoHo.

Lulzy History


She is the mascot and tan of Encyclopedia Dramatica, AE-Tan is the rival of Wikipie-tan, Wikipedia's own mascot and moe personification.

Le Internet Censorship

Encyclopedia Dramatica brought the issue of censorship to the forefront of internet discussion when a page for "Aborigines" was removed from the Google search engine, this prompt heavy criticism from the Net Neutrality supporters.

Operation Restoration

The creation of OhInternet was created as a safe for work version of Encyclopedia Dramatica and to replace the latter, fans of the latter were not please and angry, so they flood OhInternet's facebook with porn. [1]

IRC network AnonOps opened a channel called "#OpSaveED" to organize those who wished to recreate Encyclopedia Dramatica, these anons launched "Operation Restoration," an ongoing operation to restoring ED into its former glory. Using backups from various sources from archives/backups created by the "Web Ecology Project," ArchiveTeam," and Google Cached versions of the website. A URL, "encyclopediadramatica.ch," was bought by those involved in the restoration project to host the restored/mirrored ED. Encyclopedia Dramatica switched domains several times. [2] The first switch was when after a DNS Block, due to the fact that that ED operators not keeping an address in Switzerland, hence the encyclopediadramatica.se. The second time, was when the .se address was seized by the registrar in September 2013, resulting in ED being down for five days. In October 2014, the .es domain was hijacked by an unknown party, and Encyclopedia Dramatica moved back to the .se address.

Gamergate Role

During 2014, Encyclopedia Dramatica was some of the few sites that did not cave in to Zoe Quinn and her friends, when the other sites, like reddit, Web Archive, 4chan, and mainstream news sites were all too happy to do their bidding (and without checking evidence).

Bryan See

Bryan See is a troll.

In Search of Lulz

Deviantart Club: https://in-ae-we-trust.deviantart.com/

Steam Community Group: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/encyclopediadramatica_se/

ED Youtube Account: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWkdWGNQIYfqgdfhU-59Wng

8Chan Board: http://8ch.net/ed/index.html


There used to be a page about Encyclopedia Dramatica in Tv Tropes, but it was deleted (or in ED lingo it's "baleted."). The deleted TVT page was resurrected and is now in All The Tropes (Besides being in the actual Encyclopedia Dramatica wiki as well). [3][4][5][6][7]

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