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[[Honey Badger Brigade]]
== See Also ==
== See Also ==

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Type: Community
Website: deviantart.com
"Bleed and Breed Art." - Deviantart Site Motto. [1]

DeviantArt is an online artist community that focuses on curation of user submitted artworks and collaboration among its users. The website's content pool is section into a number of categories including digital art, photography, traditional art, film/animation, cartoons, manga, flash animation, and literature. Aside from showcasing artworks, the site also hosts a discussion forum where users can discuss their artworks and category section dedicated to educational resources and tutorials for artistic techniques. [2]

The art site launched on August 7, 2000. It was founded by Scott Jarkoff, Matthew Stephens, Angelo Sotira, and others as part of the Dmusic Network, a larger network of music-related websites and blogs.

Fella, Deviantart's mascot

Role in Gamergate and Censorship

Gamergate Deviantart Groups/Clubs

Censorship, Harassment, and Doxxing, Oh, My!

  • There are evidence from Deviantart artists that whenever they post Vivian James, their conversations disappears quickly. If you or anyone you know in DA have been hacked after posting Vivian James material or TFYC links have been hacked, please PM the redditor, NBSgaming. [6] [7]
  • Kukuruyo, a Hugo Nominated, had one of his Gamergate Life comic piece taken down and banned, he suspected that it was probably a social justice warrior that reported it. [8]. On May 17, 2016, his account temporary suspended for drawing a Kamela Khan/Ms. Marvel as a twenty year old for a commission (Unaware at the time that the character is a sixteen year old in the original Marvel Comics canon). [9] [10] and immediately, the Anti-GGers accuse him of drawing child pornography (A bit "strange" that Deviantart decides to enforce this rule or any rules for that matter, since the mods do not usually enforce them, are generally lax, and allows almost everything under the sun to be posted.). In addition, it was enough for Project Wonderful to overhaul their advertising policies involving adult content. [11] [12] [13]

Known Artists in Deviantart

Zoe Quinn


Honey Badger Brigade

See Also


Zoe Quinn


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