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Depression Quest is a game made by Zoe Quinn which claims to allow the user to experience what it feels like to be depressed.


Depression Quest is a text only 'choose your own adventure' game which prompts the user for what to do next given a scenario in order to proceed with the plot. There is an indicator of how depressed the protagonist is, whether they are on medication and whether they are on therapy. Some options may be greyed out as to induce a feeling of a depressed person not thinking logically. There are 5 endings.


Depression Quest has an overall 1.7/10 score on Metacritic, out of 285 user reviews. Negative reviews range from the text only game play, to Zoe Quinn's background and fallacious reasoning for making the game, unrealistic scenarios, an apathetic protagonist, oversimplification of a difficult and nuanced subject, and dry game play. Positive reviews remark about how it raises awareness about depression and is interesting to play.

Role in GamerGate

Main article: Zoe Quinn Scandal

Depression Quest had positive coverage by journalists with whom Zoe Quinn had had a relationship with. The journalists denied such facts even within the face of overwhelming evidence. Although this was not the sole cause of GamerGate, it did play a role in getting the initial momentum going forward.

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