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* [[Alessandra Buonfino]]
* [[Alessandra Buonfino]]
* [[Ian Corfield]] - Chief Commercial Officer at New Day
* [[Ian Corfield]] - Chief Commercial Officer at New Day
* [[Nick Claydon]]
* [[Nick Claydon]] - CEO of [[Teneo]]<ref name="teneo_claydon" />
* [[Matt Nixon]]
* [[Matt Nixon]]
* [[Neil Sherlock]]
* [[Neil Sherlock]]
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<ref name="islamophobia">''Moderate Muslims Speak Out On Capitol Hill'', IPT News, http://www.investigativeproject.org/2217/moderate-muslim-speak-out-on-capitol-hill https://archive.is/IRxRZ</ref>
<ref name="islamophobia">''Moderate Muslims Speak Out On Capitol Hill'', IPT News, http://www.investigativeproject.org/2217/moderate-muslim-speak-out-on-capitol-hill https://archive.is/IRxRZ</ref>
<ref name="runnymede_report">''Islamophobia: a challenge for us all'', Runnymede Trust, https://web.archive.org/web/20010626043250if_/http://www.runnymedetrust.org:80/projects/islam/SUMMARY.PDF</ref>
<ref name="runnymede_report">''Islamophobia: a challenge for us all'', Runnymede Trust, https://web.archive.org/web/20010626043250if_/http://www.runnymedetrust.org:80/projects/islam/SUMMARY.PDF</ref>
<ref name="teneo_claydon">Nick Claydon, Teneo, https://www.teneo.com/person/nick-claydon/</ref>

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Demos was founded in 1993 by former Marxism Today editors Julia Middleton, Martin Jacques, and Geoff Mulgan. [1] The organization promotes policies consistent with those of al-Qaeda and the defunct Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, and encourages state suppression of all public opposition to these policies.



Demos was founded in 1993 by editors of Marxism Today and their supporters.



  • Polly Mackenzie - Chief Executive. Director of Policy to the Deputy Prime Minister from 2010-15.
  • Maeve Thompson - Director of External Affairs.
  • Alex Krasodomski-Jones - Director, Centre for the Analysis of Social Media
  • Carl Miller - Research Director, Centre for the Analysis of Social Media. Member of Microsoft's Voices for Civility.
  • Josh Smith - Senior Researcher, Centre for the Analysis of Social Media and Chief Technical Officer, Demos
  • Laurence Cubbon - Chief of Staff & Senior Operations Officer
  • Izzy Little - Digital Production and Events Officer
  • Sacha Hilhorst - Senior Researcher
  • Ben Glover - Senior Researcher
  • Asli Atay - Researcher
  • Elliot Jones - Researcher
  • Ellen Judson - Researcher
  • Rose Lasko-Skinner - Researcher
  • Tessa van Rens - Researcher
  • David Weir - Technology Director, CASM. Prof David Weir is a Professor of Computer Science and co-director of the Text Analysis Group (taglaboratory.org).
  • Jeremy Reffin - Implementation Director, CASM. Jeremy is co-director of the Text Analysis Group (taglaboratory.org) at the University of Sussex. He was formerly a partner at Apax Partners
  • Andrew Gloag - Research Assistant
  • Bibi Nubir - Finance and Administrative Assistant
  • Ava Berry - Research Assistant. Ava graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science in 2017 with an MSc in Gender, Development and Globalisation. Prior to joining Demos she worked in the childcare sector and interned for the International Drug Policy Consortium. She also volunteers for the 50:50 Parliament campaign
  • Jamie Bartlett - Senior Fellow. He led the Centre for the Analysis of Social Media at Demos for 10 years until December 2018.
  • Charles Seaford - Senior Fellow. Charles leads the Power and Institutions programme at Demos. He is a Co-Investigator at the Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity, an ESRC funded research consortium and a Director of Represent Us, a campaigning group.

Associates and Contributors




Significant payments:

Others of note


Common Purpose

Common Purpose was founded by Demos co-founder Julia Middleton. [9]

Leadership: [1]

Supporters include:

Graduates are alleged to include: [1]

Media Standards Trust

The Media Standards Trust tried to usurp and replace the authority of the Press Complaints Commission as the governing body of all media in the UK by using a bogus research report and fake news reports in the Guardian to buff up their credentials. They were given unusually favorable coverage by the BBC.[10]


Demos provided research to support the #ReclaimTheInternet campaign promoted by Yvette Cooper, Maria Miller, Stella Creasy, Jo Swinson and Jess Phillips. [11]

Firing of Matt Bruenig

Demos fired political analyst Matt Bruenig for insulting Neera Tanden, the President and CEO of the Center for American Progress.[12]

Five-Alarm Fire letter

Heather McGhee and Rashad Robinson were among 22 organizations of the Five-Alarm Fire letter denouncing Donald Trump. Co-signatories included Linda Sarsour. [13]

Social Transformation Project

Demos is among the members of the Social Transformation Project. [14]

National Security and Human Rights Campaign

Demos is among the participants in the Open Society Institute's National Security and Human Rights (NSHR) Campaign, a project of the George Soros organization and Muslim Advocates to reduce public support for fighting al-Qaeda. [15]



The Starbucks coffee chain hired Demos, the Anti-Defamation League, the Equal Justice Initiative, and the NAACP to give mandatory racial bias training to all employees. [16]

Fabian Society, Tavistock, and Chatham House

James Higham associates Demos with the Tavistock Institute, the Fabian Society, and Chatham House, alleges that "The Fabian Society literally controls the European Union", and notes that early Fabian Society members Sidney Webb and Beatrice Webb were Soviet agents.[17]

City of London

Demos works for the mayor of London to identify social media users who have negative opinions about Islam. [18]

Anti-Islamic Content on Twitter
This analysis was presented at the Mayor of London's Policing and Crime Summit on Monday 24 April, 2017.
Over a year, Demos' researchers detected 143,920 Tweets sent from the UK considered to be derogatory and anti-Islamic - this is about 393 a day. These Tweets were sent from over 47,000 different users, and fell into a number of different categories - from directed insults to broader political statements.

International Center for the Study of Radicalization and Political Violence

Jonathan Birdwell of Demos was among the speakers at the release of the report A Neo-Nationalist Movement: The English Defense League and Europe's Counter-Jihad Movement[19] which describes all opposition to Muslim jihad as "violent" and "right-wing", along with all support for British law and culture. [20]




Arab Spring

Avaaz provided propaganda support for the NATO invasion of Libya in 2011[21] and the Islamist side of the civil war in Syria.[22]

Runnymede Trust

Ian Hargreaves was a member of the Runnymede Trust which called for opposition to Islamophobia,[23] a term developed by an American branch of al-Qaeda, the International Institute for Islamic Thought, to refer to all opposition to al-Qaeda. [24]

Suspicious Deaths

David Hawkins of Hawk's Cafe accused Cressida Dick of using Crown Agents' Sisters and ADT Security to assassinate Gareth Williams in 2010. [25]

A member of Friends of the Earth assassinated Pim Fortuyn in 2002 for opposing Muslim immigration into Europe. Friends of the Earth participated in the 2004 Critical Lawyers Conference[26] where Helena Kennedy of the Media Standards Trust was a speaker, and has published[27] an essay by Nidhi Tandon of Networked Intelligence who wrote in support of the Broadband Commission for Sustainable Development during a trip to the United Nations by Zoe Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian.

Rockefeller Brothers Fund

Trustees as of 2016[28]


Highest paid employees

Highest paid contractors

Major donors

People of Note

Surdna Foundation, Ms. Foundation, American Civil Liberties Union, and the California Endowment.

Muslim migration

The Rockefeller Brothers Fund is among the backers of the European Stability Initiative,[29] a project to promote mass Muslim migration to Europe as in the strategic war plan of Khalid Sheikh Mohammad of al-Qaeda.[30]

Radical Feminism

Hollywood director Aaron Russo claims that Nick Rockefeller took credit for inventing the Women's Liberation movement.[31]


Rockefeller also told Russo that he would see soldiers looking in caves in Afghanistan and Pakistan for Osama bin Laden and that there would be an "Endless war on terror where there's no real enemy and the whole thing is a giant hoax," so that "the government could take over the American people," according to Russo, who said that Rockefeller was cynically laughing and joking as he made the astounding prediction.
In a later conversation, Rockefeller asked Russo what he thought women's liberation was about. Russo's response that he thought it was about the right to work and receive equal pay as men, just as they had won the right to vote, caused Rockefeller to laughingly retort, "You're an idiot! Let me tell you what that was about, we the Rockefeller's funded that, we funded women's lib, we're the one's who got all of the newspapers and television - the Rockefeller Foundation."
Rockefeller told Russo of two primary reasons why the elite bankrolled women's lib, one because before women's lib the bankers couldn't tax half the population and two because it allowed them to get children in school at an earlier age, enabling them to be indoctrinated into accepting the state as the primary family, breaking up the traditional family model.

Media Relationships


  • Anthony Salz - the vice chair of the BBC Board of Governors, among the leaders of Common Purpose
  • David Loyn - BBC foreign correspondant, among the leaders of Common Purpose
  • Robert Peston - business editor of BBC News, alleged supporter of Common Purpose

The Guardian

The Guardian's former executive editor Albert Scardino (2002-2004) is a member of Media Standards Trust.

The Economist

Albert Scardino's wife Marjorie Scardino was President of The Economist from 1997-2002.

Financial Times

Financial Times chairman David Bell is a member of the Media Standards Trust.


Marjorie Scardino was CEO of Pearson from 1997-2002.


Rockefeller Brothers Fund vice president Adam Wolfensohn is on the board of the Harmony Institute with Buzzfeed founder Jonah Peretti. The Harmony Institute is hosted at Eyebeam which was hosted at The New School.

Huffington Post

Jonah Peretti is a co-founder of the Huffington Post with Ken Lerer and Eric Hippeau of Lerer Ventures.


Lerer Ventures hired 4chan owner Christopher Poole in 2010. [32]

Al Jazeera

The Arabic edition of Huffington Post is managed by Wadah Khanfar, the former manager of Qatar state television Al Jazeera and a member of the International Crisis Group.

MacArthur Foundation

Marjorie Scardino is chair of the MacArthur Foundation which hosts the Data+Society Research Group of Joi Ito, director of MIT Media Lab.

New York Times

Joi Ito is a member of the board of the New York Times.


Joi Ito is a member of the board of Sony.


Joi Ito's sister Mimi Ito is on the board of Wikipedia.


Marjorie Scardino is a board member of Twitter.


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