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Danelle and Freya are the DeepFreeze twins.



When the DeepFreeze website was created, many people in 8chan wanted to created some gijinkas for it. [1] There was many debates about how DeepFreeze personified should look like and they could not decide. So it was decided that they should be twins to keep everyone happy. Once the twins got names and traits, the art began. The Twins' birthday is on May 17, [2] which also coincides with the first day of the Watergate hearings. [3]

The DeepFreeze mascot which would eventually become Freya was drawn by mombot, who finalized it by adding an ushanka and incorporating the DeepFreeze logo. [4] [5]

Danielle came later and was almost entirely worked on by 8chan, there were some disagreements on her design. - People thought that she was too plain, though Danielle was too tacky and blatantly screams "I'm from DeepFreeze!" So, they gave her what is her current design. - The green sweater, tight leggings, and longer, more messy hair, and her sweet demeanor. People love what is relatively a simple design. [6]

The DeepFreeze Twins

Both of the twins are Russian. [7]


Freya is the blonde leader, loves digging out and exposing journalistic improprieties, being a badass action girl, holding and using weapons, and being the aggressive and brash out of the two. [8] and even though she wields the power of ice (The cold never bothered her anyway), and dresses in blue. Mostly, Freya is portrayed wearing her coat open and bikini (a reference to mombot's original DeepFreeze-tan drawing). [9] [10] Her Ushanka hat will either have 8chan's infinite symbol or DeepFreeze's Ramyel logo. Rarely will it be shown that Freya painted her nails blue. [11] [12]


Danielle is the oldest of the twins and the busty researcher (Her big busts also references the Watergate hearings, since it's also a HUGE ethical bust) [13], who gets little to no credit or fame, and the main one who investigates and archives said journalistic improprieties. Her style is more closer to the "shy librarian" type. Danielle's hair is an icy blue color, and she wears a green sweater and black leggings. Her favorite ice cream flavor is sea salt. [14]. Other portrayals have Danielle depicts her wearing a lab coat. [15]

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