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Occupation Developer
Affiliations Last Dimension Games

Darkfalzx is a video game developer and spriter who works under the name Last Dimension Games.

Ultionus controversy

DarkFalzX developed the video game Ultionus, a clone/parody of the 1987 Dinamic Software title Game Over II (aka Phantis). DarkFalzX claims that the game was "blackballed" because of the game's cover art which depicts a bare-middriffed, large-breasted heroine who closely resembles the heroine in Game Over II.

While the gaming community is awesome for fighting off the 2nd wave Feminist onslaught, being a developer in this environment is a tough job. For instance - my pixel art has often made it to gaming sites in the past - I did art for games like Shantae RR, Monster Tale and currently makking Legend of Iya, but when I released my Ultionus game (with the same, quality pixel art and music by Jake Kaufman and A_Rival) - the game got blackballed because of "sexist" cover image. As a result the sales were pretty abysmal, and I will have to think extra hard before making another game like it, despite the fact that most people who played Ultionus loved it.

The release of Ultionis was covered by Destructoid [1] and Cinema Blend [2] among other sites, and the game was included in the Groupees Be Mine 11 bundle.


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