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Cracked is a property of Demand Media, a partnership of Cracked, College Humor, and Electus Digital. Electus is a subsidiary of IAC/InterActiveCorp.[1]



On September 14, Cracked published by David Christopher Bell titled "A 90-Second Guide to Determine if Your Internet Cause Is BS" with the top item mentioning Gamergate and the DARPA IMMERSE conspiracy theory.

On September 16, Cracked posted a front page article by Zoe Quinn.

On September 25, Cracked published an article by Luke McKinney titled "7 Reasons "Gamergate" Proves Humanity is Doomed"

These articles have been shown to be strongly based on inaccuracies.

Editor insults and censorship

Cracked editor David Wong claimed that the only reason people oppose corruption and censorship is because "they hate women" and that critics "want women and minorities out of my games," and accused The Fine Young Capitalists of being "purely a 4chan invention."

In the ensuing discussion, the Cracked editors deleted opposing arguments.

Important to note is that Wong has a very long history with this sort of behavior.

Plagiarism allegation

Erestyn on Reddit claims:

Cracked lost my respect when I drafted a few articles in their writers board only to see my research and my words on another article a few months later. When I questioned it, my original thread was deleted and I was banned.

iamaneviltaco responded:

Part of their terms state that if you put an idea forth, you've got a month to write it, then other people can pick up the article. You're also signing away any ownership to your words. They pay like shit, too. I'd considered writing there, but it's no wonder they're attracting this kind of narrative. They're not paying the real writers to come out and do anything, so all that's left are the people with a major agenda to force.


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