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This is a page dedicated to the clickbait articles put out by Kotaku, Polygon, and other gaming press outlets. Common features include an article being only tangentially related to video games and the piece being used to push a political agenda.

Examples (sorted by most recent publication date)


Captain Falcon Is Way Better With Space Jam (Archive)

Bootleg Console Maker Blatantly Copies the iPhone 6 (Archive)

Anime Characters Announcing They're Pregnant is a New Meme (Archive)

I Bet Kanye West Uses Yoshi In Smash Bros. (Archive)

Ash Ketchum from Pokémon Is Insanely Strong (Archive)

Hong Kong Protests Draw Resident Evil Comparisons (Archive)

People Say This Sailor Moon Wallet Looks Like a Vagina (Archive)

Thugs Rob Store, Humiliate Staff, Then Upload it to Youtube (Archive)

Check Out the Sexy Butt on These Watermelons (Archive)

90s Hercules TV Star Sounds Like A Racist Old Man (Archive)

Soldier Cops Aren't So Fun Now, Video Games (Archive)

GTA Online Mods Let People "Rape" Other Players (Archive)

The Groping Scenes In Dragon's Crown, Parodied In One GIF (Archive)

I Spent An Entire Day Wearing a Sleeping Bag. Because Video Games. (Archive)

What I Learned Turning The Israel-Palestine Conflict Into A Video Game (Archive)

Some Players Are Hunting Down Minorities in Watch Dogs (Archive)

The Gay Joke In Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Is Harmless. Or Is It? (Archive)

What the Washington Redskins Could Learn from a Game Named Starcoon (Archive)

Game Developers Really Need To Stop Letting Teenage Boys Design Their Characters (Archive)

How Diablo III Told Me My Marriage Was Over (Archive)

Three Words I Said to the Man I Defeated in Gears of War That I'll Never Say Again (Archive)

Straight White Male: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is (Archive)

The Pope's Audience Hall Looks Like A Final Fantasy Boss Fight (Archive)

The Top 50 Cosplay Cleavage Shots (Archive)


Feminist hacker Barbie doesn't need your goddamned help, Steven and Brian (Archive)

Modern games mocked in this video about simpler times (Archive)

Free-to-play ads are catching up to terrible '90s game marketing (Archive)

PETA opens headquarters in Minecraft, creates animal utopia (Archive)

Twitter calls on a women's advocacy group to collect data on harassment (Archive)

Create your own hilariously bad video game T-shirt (Archive)

Train Super Smash Bros. amiibos, get the girl? (Archive)

David Letterman interacting with virtual idol Hatsune Miku is as awkward as you'd expect (Archive)

Watch Anita Sarkeesian face down hatred and slander (Archive)

Sonic fan art expert rates the pornographic potential for Sonic Boom cast (Archive)

Being David Bowie: Why game developers need to be more like Ziggy Stardust (Archive)

Video of kids reacting to a Game Boy is cruel reminder that you're old, death is inescapable (Archive)

Violence limits BioShock Infinite's audience — my wife included (Archive)

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