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Christ Centered Gamer
Parent Company N/A
Owner Cheryl Gress
Editor-in-Chief Cheryl Gress
Ethics Policy Code of Ethics

Christ Centered Gamer is a site that reviews video games with an eye towards judging them based on a Christian morality. [1]

Pre-Gamergate looks at video games from two view points. We analyze games on a secular level which will break down a game based on its graphics, sound, stability and overall gaming experience. This aspect attracts visitors of all religions to the site to see how fun a game is and if it’s worth buying. If you’re concerned about the family friendliness of a game, we have a separate moral score which looks at violence, language, sexual content, occult references and other ethical issues. We point out all the questionable content we see so that Christians and parents can make an educated buying decision. Our reviews also feature a highlights box where you can quickly find the strengths, weaknesses and moral concerns of a game without having to read all of the text.
— An excerpt from Christ Centered Gamer's FAQ page, written in 2007 [2]

A family-run independent website, Christ Centered Gamer reviews games both Christian and secular. The unique feature of the site is that it offers two scores when reviewing a game: One for the merits of the game itself (Graphics, sound, etc.) and a separate score commenting on the morality of the game, with respect to Christian values. These two scores are listed completely separate in a review.

The site itself is a listed 501 C3 Non-Profit organization, and accepts donations to help keep it afloat.

The reviews diligently disclose games' sources and any personal and advertising ties, and the site offers exemplary transparency - With a public backend showing detailed information on traffic, advertising, and even complete finances.[citation needed]

Role in GamerGate

As a site that has a clear and distinct bias when it views games, CCG was nonetheless looked on as an example of an ethically-sound game reviews site, as it not only is very forward with admitting its biases, but also that it does not let its morals cloud judgement of a game. A technically masterful video game will be acknowledged for its achievement, even if it viciously goes against Christian morality, thanks to the separate scoring system. CCG was also praised for reaching out to members of GamerGate early on and continuing to do so throughout[citations needed]

DeepFreeze lists Christ Centered Gamer as an example of ethical excellence. [3]


Christ Centered Gamer also has a curator review group on Steam [4]

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