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Scott Madin worked for Cecropia, "The Personality Video Game Company", which produced a game called The Act.[1]

Cecropia founder Omar Khudari was co-founder of Ibtikar Venture Partners which invested in Middle Eastern startups.[2]

Ibtikar had an "involuntary dissolution by court order"[3]

Amal Alayan of MIT was Co-Founder and Managing Member, Ibtikar Venture Partners, LLC and Board Member, AMIDEAST Inc [4]

AMIDEAST looks like a private CIA. Funded by Saudi Aramco, Lockheed Martin, an oil company, Qatar, and an Arab Shaikh.[5]

MIT’s Arab Students Organization went to terrorist-occupied East Jerusalem and told the youths there who have been raised on terrorist propaganda since Oslo to apply to American universities to "take your culture to the leaders of tomorrow" and "change the image of Palestine in America." Amal Alayan hosted the event.[6]