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This is a Wiki case page for dubious behavior involving Ubisoft PR. Use this page for adding resources and links.

The goal is to compile a case which, once addressed professionally, will help change policies and clean up the industry. Remember, these journalists are vanilla—probably not SJWs—so we're straight up professional ethics here. People might be embarrassed, but they're pros so they can take it, and make the industry better by doing so. Permanent company ethical policy changes are the best outcome here

Lets try collaborating on compiling a case straight to the Wiki on this one to get people on. Don't use the talk page. Talk on the thread(Here's how you make a reference): 8chan Thread:[1] KiA Thread:[2]

Summary Ubisoft PR

Somebody Make one

Summary Greg Miller

Somebody Make one

Disgracefully Raw material from threads

This section is for raw material. Actual coherent text should go above

OP's post Relevant Info (Can somebody upload this image to the wiki?)

So in this picture we have the following people.

  • "Stone Chin", one of the most influential PR people in gaming, Ubisoft Senior PR manager.
  • Andrea Rene - Presenter at Gametrailers and also works for Gamestop TV
  • John T Drake - Director of Portfolio Strategy at Playstation
  • Greg Miller - IGN journalist and podcast host for Podcast Beyond (a Playstation podcast) and also other IGN audio and video shows.
  • Zac Minor - Video Producer at Playstation, formerly at Rev3 and Giant bomb
  • Alex Monney - Assistant PR Manager at Perfect World Entertainment.


Alright, some of you are skeptical that there are no disclosure issues here so let me give an actionable example. Andrea Rene previewed Fantasia on The Escapist -

Andrea Rene is dating John T Drake - (source:

John T Drake ran Harmonix PR, before moving to work at Playstation. He was still working for Harmonix PR at the time this preview was published (source - - John left Harmonix PR in June of this year, the Fantasia video went up in March)

There is no disclosure in the preview that the journalist was dating the head of PR at the company who developed Fantasia.

Is that concrete enough of an ethical concern to discuss?


People were asking about Greg Miller and any instances of ethical concerns. Well this page from last year has a great deal of them, when it comes to his bias towards Playstation -

Relevant links for anyone wanting to dig

Stone Chin

Andrea Rene

John T. Drake

Greg Miller

Zac Minor

Alex Monney


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