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The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) is Canada's public broadcaster. Created by an Act of Parliament in 1936, the government-owned company provides services in both of Canada's official languages, English and French. All told, the CBC operates two television networks, four radio networks, a cable television service, an international shortwave radio service and a commercial-free audio service. CBC operates approximately 100 radio and television stations across Canada.[1]

Involvement in Gamergate

On October 1, 2014, CBC ran a piece[5] on their community blog by John Bowman. On October 3, 2014, Bowman contacted Jennifer Dawe to conduct a "reaction" pre-interview to be followed up by another interview later, but the second interview was cancelled by his producers who were not interested in that "topic", despite running more pieces on GamerGate afterward. Bowman eventually released his pre-interview[6] on sound cloud.

On October 15, 2014, CBC News participated in the now failed StopGamerGate2014 hashtag campaign by tweeting "the internet has had enough of Gamergate." [2] On October 16, 2014 CBC apparently reconsidered their stance after a wave of pro GamerGate tweets they were supposedly setting up an interview with Jennie Bharaj,[3] no such interview has taken place as of this writing. On October 21 the CBC radio show Q did an interview with Brianna Wu and former host Jian Ghomeshi.[4][1][2]

In 2017, an article in Facebook revealed that , a top CBC journalist, confirmed that the news station is bias against Air Canada.[3] Which confirmed what some are suspecting all a long.[4][5]

In March 2017, CBC ran an article criticizing and smearing the "red pill" happenings and the MRM, going as far to call the movement as a group that does men's rights allows pro-pick up artists. An unnamed professor stated that "as the more men's rights and pick artist movements have become more mainstreamed, relying on the naivety of decent Canadians" due to a Conservative politician tweeting "Red pill". [6] Rebecca Sullivan, a women's studies professor, told the CBC Calgary News at 6, that "I think we have been turning a blind eye, making excuses, calling it underground or a minor extremist movement or pathetic. It is pathetic but it is also dangerous and really, really scary." Also saying that the phrase "Red Pill" is also a coded language for something that goes deeper. Even going far to lied about the Calgary 2016 screening of "The Red Pill", which chronicles "The mysterious and polarizing world of the men's rights movement." CBC added that the film "had been condemned by both anti-feminist and anti-women."[7]

April 2, 2017, Jonathan Ore's article lamented the tale of Alexander Orlando, who recently discovered just how influential online personalities, including those in YoutUbe, on younger kids and pre-teens one dinner night. Being concerned since her younger cousin was discussing a talking points from another Youtuber arguing that women don't belong in the video games industry.[8]

It was then revealed sometime in December 16, 2017, that CBC pulled the documentary about transgender kids, titled "Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best" minutes before it aired because of complaints from the Trans Media Watch, despite the fact that the documentary was surprisingly accurate. [9] Even though the documentary had Kenneth Zucker, who is one of the leading figures of the sexual psychology field. Later CBC issued a small statement.

"In light of our own further review of the doc, coupled with the audience reaction we're seeing today, we have decided not to air Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best. We think that there are other docs that better offer insight into the realities of the transgender community and we look forward to airing those in the future."

August 13, 2018, the CBC pushed out a hit piece blaming video games and calling Matthew Vincent Raymond a "recluse" and stayed in his mother's basement, despite riding his bike everywhere and even attending Fredericton High School. Carter, one of Raymond's friends stated that the young Matthew was never violent but was very addicted to video games, like "Call of Duty".[10][11]

On October 8, 2018, CBC ran a hit piece accused fans that are dissatisfied with Disney's Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi's "diversity casting", even accusing the fans responsible for some of the Star Wars actors to shut down their social media accounts.[12] With Morten Bay, a Center for the Digital Future researcher, concludes that thirty-three accounts were from trolls. Stating that something similar occurred with the United State's 2016 presidential election. Bay also says that the twitter trolls are tapping to already existing racist and sexist beliefs that are held by anti-feminists to "try to push their agenda", the researcher then said to David Common, who was the The Current's guest.[13][14]

Lorrie Goldstein tweeted in Janurary 31, 2019, that the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation "failed to comply with its own journalistic standards on accuracy and impartiality in two stories about climate change." Ombusman Asserting Essay [15][16][17][18]

Janurary 31, 2019, Tom Power interviewed Kate Gray, a Kotaku journalist, about her take about the Overwatch "Ellie" controversy; according to her, Punisher stating that his social experiment doesn't mean what he said exactly, she indicated that no one believed esports women about experimenting harrassment earlier and all it took was a troll and his friends to "prove that it was real." (Ignoring that it was , a female Overwatch streamer who caught Punisher and that his social experiment was to proof that Blizzard's Esports recruitment is very bias). In a way, according to her, there are two sides of the reaction, and what's worst was that the Overwatch fans are proven right with questioning Ellie, even Gray stating that question "Ellie" were harassing her. Then there's that other side, were "People who were really disappointed in how this is going to affect "Overwatch" and competitive games going forwards...The people who are saying, "This is going to make it a lot more difficult for women." And who's going to want to play "OW" when they know this is going to happen and it's going to be worse in the future?"[19][20]

In February 2, 2019, Kate Gray, a soon to be CBC's "expert" on all things video games, made an article illustrating the dark underside of the Overwatch fandom. Well, she "Knows as much about Overwatch as I do about sports, cars, or how to talk to my parents about what I write..." and bits about Overwatch porn [21] The article goes on how she was scarred and lost innocent, but also flaming the fan artists that made a lot of money off of their Rule 34 arts and videos. Claiming that those who made them even are homophobic and transphobia in some of these videos, being dismay that the porn fandom is dominated by a-holes more than one way, even almost ending with "Straight men aren't your only audience, you know."[22]

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