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Calgary Expo is a , which leans heavily on the far left-wing, feminist, and pro-enviroment slant. [1]During 2015, they became embroiled in Gamergate when they made what is called ExpoGate. The Honey Badger Brigade were kicked out and social controversy ensured. Key to the conflict was the Women in Comics panel, a poster of Vivian James, the GGlogo, and Alison Tieman's Xenospora comics. [2] [3]

While Calgary Expo's official reason of the Honey Badgers' expulsion was "attempted harassment" by the latter. Many has pointed that the true reason was an anti-Gamergate outrage caused by photos taken of the pro-Gamergate booth the Honey Badger Brigade set up in the Expo.

Kicked out of Calgary Incidents

  • In 2010, Steven Britton was invited to help out at Calgary Expo, because of a cool position. Later, after looking into his blog they kicked him out reasoning that Steven's blog has information that conflicts with the confidentiality agreement and worrying that the guest might sue (Even though that happening is slim) [4]
  • Calgary Expo banned Jeremy Williamson, a Christ Centered Gamer advertiser, from running a table. The same goes for other religious-affiliated groups from their convention. [7]

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