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C+= is a parody "feminist" programming language that was the target of mass internet censorship months before Gamergate. [1]


November 26, 2013, Arielle Schlesinger of HASTAC condemned all computer programming languages, because to her the current programming languages are exclusionary of feminists and calling for the development of a feminist programming language. [2] Eventually a group of pranksters calling themselves, the Feminist Software Foundation responded by writing a parody description of a feminist programming language and began working on an implementation of the language. [3] [4]


December 21, 2013, C+= implementation had been deleted from Github, Bitbucket, and Google Code. A Reddit thread in r/programming subreddit, discussing the Schlesinger article was hidden. [5] Following Hacker News' deleted article titled "Did GitHub Break Your Trust Censoring the Feminist Language Parody?" [6] [7]


Twitter users @aaronm, @sinthetix, @atweetingtwit, and @lindseybieda discussed identifying the contributors and contacting their workplaces. [8]

Another Twitter user, @jacobian, tried to get Cloudflare to revoke the website's domain and claim "It's being used to harass, impersonate, and intimidate women."

Evan Cofsky reported that the language to Bitbucket as a "Harassing Repository" that "is obviously set up to target people" with "harassment campaigns." [9]

Later Activity

March 23, 2014, the Linux Kernel Mailing List got pranked by the Feminist Software Foundation, with a call to replace "the," the "hateful, hurtful" word, with the gender-neutral "xhe." [10]


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