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Owner Jonah Peretti
Editor-in-Chief Ben Smith
Boycotted? Yes


On September 1, Buzzfeed viral politics editor George Kerrigan (@gewqk) announced that he would fire all employees who listed "videogames" as a hobby at the time of their recruitment.[1] Encyclopedia Dramatica identifies @gewqk as Buzzfeed CEO Jonah Peretti.

Interview controversy

Eron Gjoni accused Buzzfeed of modifying the transcript of an interview with him to the point that both Buzzfeed's questions and Gjoni's answers could be considered fabricated.

SXSW boycott

In 2016 the SXSW festival cancelled the SavePoint panel on Gamergate and a competing panel on Women in the Media and Online Harassment. Vox and Buzzfeed threatened to boycott the festival unless the panel on Women was reinstated.[2]

Response to Paris attacks

After the ISIS attacks on Paris in November 2015, Tom Namako reported "The Terrorists Born And Bred In America" denouncing "the exposure of online harassment of women during GamerGate" while promoting Black Lives Matter. An editor removed the reference to Gamergate within a few minutes.[3]

Corporate Structure


Notable staff:


NBCUniversal invested $200 million in Buzzfeed in 2015. [4]

Buzzfeed received $1.5 million from Democratic Party lobbying group Priorities USA Action during the 2016 campaign season.[5]

Brian Cates comments: [6]

Let me try to explain how out of the ordinary this is. There's always 1 PAC super desperate to get an ad run that is gonna way overpay for it, and that's what happened in 2016 when a group called CONSERVATIVE, AUTHENTIC, RESPONSIVE LEADERSHIP FOR YOU AND FOR AMERICA paid the NYT's $118k to run an ad. Then ANOTHER group called IT'S THE COURT STUPID ended up paying a whopping $85,000 to the NYT's to get it's own ad run in the paper. But after that? Nothing. All the NYT's took in that cycle was < $200,000. Now, let's look at the Washington Post. How much $ did THEY get in the 2016 election cycle from ad buys from PACs/political groups? WaPo took in $91k from the Democracy & Progress PAC to run an ad. After that? A massive dropoff. Next highest is Hoyer for Congress, $9,676.


Jonah Peretti co-founded the Huffington Post and is a member of Lerer Ventures. 4chan's founder Christopher Poole joined Lerer Ventures in 2010.[7] Peretti is also a member of the Harmony Institute along with Adam Wolfensohn.[8]


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