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Bro Team Pill
Aliases Brote,


Affiliation GamerGate
Occupation YouTube Producer

Bro Team Pill is a Canadian Youtube personality who produces and livestreams gaming and non-gaming content. Brote is best known for his humourous panning of different topics in the gaming industry, as well as his signature wheezing laugh.

Production Style & Video Format

Involvement in GamerGate

"Developers Speaking"

Brote gained notoriety early on in GamerGate by using his connections to create a video called "A Game Developer Answers Your Questions," which featured an identity-protected game dev answering questions from users on 8chan and Twitter. [1] This morphed into a series known as "Developers Speaking," which followed the format of the original video, but with multiple devs appearing per video [2]

Crash Override Network Leak

In August of 2016, Brote, by unknown means, managed to get a hold of a set of chat logs from the group behind Crash Override Network, which he leaked to the public through multiple livestreams. [3] [4] These logs were confirmed to be real by multiple sources, including Ian Miles Cheong, who was a participant in conversations contained within the logs. [5] The logs revealed Crash Override staff admitting to numerous improprieties, including the commissioning of Ryulong to maintain narrative on the GamerGate Wikipedia entry, supporting Randi Harper doxing people who are pro-GG, and witch-hunting people who do not fall within their clique. [6] For more information on the logs, and what they contained, please see the specific section on the leak.


Bro Team Pill has a Steam curator

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