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Aliases: Known as "Francis" and "Dramatic Fat Guy Splash"
Occupation: Youtube e-celeb

Role in Gamergate


On September 14, Boogie2988 claimed[1] to have received numerous warnings for commenting on Gamergate.

   I spent quite a lot of time on twitter, neogaf, and elsewhere discussing this phenomenon. If you were paying attention to what I had to say you’ll know that my message was always the same; one of moderation, kindness, equality, and integrity.
   It has been easy for me to discuss this topic simply because I’ve been discussing these things for YEARS before GamerGate began and I suspect I’ll be talking about them for many more years to come, provided my body doesn’t fail me.
   On monday I decided to hit the exit button for a pretty obvious reason. I stated that there were extremists on both sides of this thing and because of them I would need to take a step back. But that wasn’t the only reason I did so.
   My neogaf mail, my twitter dm box, my email, and elsewhere is literally FILLED with people ‘warning’ me to be careful. Friends, casual associates, and people I’ve barely done business with.
   I have been ‘cautioned’ to be careful about associating with a movement that is supposedly being more and more associated with ‘misogyny and harassment’. I was told by more people than I can count that I had ‘burnt several bridges’ already and I should be wary of burning any more, especially once this whole thing ‘turns sour’.
   Not from just one person, but from many.
   So if you’re wondering if I was ‘harassed’, the answer is not exactly. But I was certainly encouraged by several people whom I have considered friends and business associates that I should step the fuck back to save my career. 

NeoGAF ban

On October 13, Boogie2988 was banned from NeoGAF.[2]

Death threat

On October 13, Boogie2988 found a death threat[3] with his home address in a Youtube comment.



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