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Bitchute is one of the alternatives to YouTube, it was found due to the censorship and other problems that content sharing platform has.[1][2] It's a peer to peer video sharing platform.

Role In Gamergate

In 2018, since Vidme was shutting down, some of their content creators migrated to Bitchute.[3]

Sometime near February 3, 2019, BitChute informed their supporters and content creators that Indiegogo, due to according to the crowdfunding company was that they violated their TOS, so they got deplatform. BitChute even stated that they received an e-mail in January 29, 2019, informing them of their account being frozen.[4][5][6] Despite replying thirty minutes, since BitChute assumed that they just need to validate their identity, but IndieGoGo did nnot response. Even after e-mailing them several more times.

In May 2019, some Reddit mods hate Bitchute and will censor any videos from the site, since they apparently appear in the modqueue.[7][8][9][10]

Known GGers In BitChute


BitChute has a social presence in Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Gab, Minds, and Voat.

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