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Occupation: Editor, troll
Affiliations: Wikipedia

BatteryIncluded (also known as Rowan Forest and the American Koncorde) is an American atheist who is a Wikipedia editor. He claims to be a self-professed scientist without qualifications.

He is an ardent and delusional anti-theist with an inexplicable hatred towards religion and God, and, as a Wikipedian, stalks a certain articles on Wikipedia which he defends with aggressiveness and the view that their opinions and only their opinions are right. He is completely narrow minded and against views that disagree with their delusional beliefs.

He has gained allies, from Dennis Brown, Boing! said Zebedee, AGK, Emily Temple-Wood, Molly White, Guy Macon, and Koncorde. JustARandommer, a Redditor who protects Wikis, is also part of it. He unwittingly plays a role in kick-starting GamerGate.

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