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ArenaNet is a video game development company known for making the Guild Wars series.

Price and Fries firing

Peter Fries' firing came shortly after he defended Jessica Price's bullying behavior in now deleted tweets, the Guild Wars community was saddened to see him go. [1][2][3]


President O'Brien stated that "[Price] was representing the company. The expectation was to behave professionally and respectfully, or at least walk away. Instead, she attacked, we want to hear from our players. It's not acceptable that an attempted interaction with our company - In this case a polite game suggestion - would be met with open hostility and derision from us." [4]


The Dirty Secret, I'm not sure if it's Possible to make an MMORPG (Or CRPG) character compelling...

Today in Being a Female Game Dev...Allow Me As A Person who Does not work with you

The Next Rando Asshat Who Attempts to Explain the Concept of Branching Dialogue

Today In Being a Female Game Dev...How Dare You Suggest that Professional Expertise Exists

Science Says That's Not True

Planned Vacation

Media coverage

The following chart is a list of articles covering the incident. Many outlets gave a slanted report of the incident by, intentionally or not, excluding more charged tweets.

Outlet Writer Date Subject Link
TenTonHammer Lewis Burnell 07/05/18 Guild Wars 2 Lurches to Yet Another PR Nightmare [5]
OneAngryGamer 07/05/18 Guild Wars 2 Devs Fired By ArenaNet For Antagonizing Gamers [6]
Eurogamer Robert Purchese 07/06/18 ArenaNet fires two Guild Wars 2 writers over Twitter exchange with YouTuber [7]
Gamasutra Chris Kerr 07/06/18 Guild Wars 2 writers dismissed after Twitter spat with streamer [8]
GeekWire Thomas Wilde 07/06/18 Game developer ArenaNet fires two employees following Twitter exchange, spurring controversy [9]
Kotaku Nathan Grayson 07/06/18 Guild Wars 2 Writers Fired For Calling Out Fan On Twitter [10]
pastemagazine Garett Martin 07/06/18 ArenaNet Fires Two Guild Wars 2 Writers Over Tweets, Sending a Bad Message to Designers and Consumers [11]
PC Gamer Austin Wood 07/06/18 Guild Wars 2 writers fired following heated Twitter exchange with streamer [12]
RPS Graham Smith 07/06/18 ArenaNet throw two Guild Wars 2 writers to the wolves [13]
The Verge Megan Farokhmanesh 07/06/18 Guild Wars studio fires two employees after clash with streamer [14]
GamesIndustryBiz Brendan Sinclair 07/06/18 ArenaNet sends all the wrong messages [15]
Polygon Owen S. Good,
Michael McWhertor
07/06/18 Guild Wars developers fired after social media argument roils community [16]
Buzzfeed News Rachael Krishna 07/07/18 People Are Uninstalling This Game After It Fired A Woman Developer [17]
Fortune David Z. Morris 07/08/18 Game Developers Fired After Arguing With Fans on Twitter [18]
OneAngryGamer 07/08/18 Buzzfeed, Kotaku, The Verge And Rock Paper Shotgun Misreport Guild Wars 2 Firings [19]
Polygon Colin Campbell 07/09/18 ArenaNet ‘folded like a cheap card table,’ says fired Guild Wars 2 writer [20]
GameRevolution Aimee Hart 07/10/18 ArenaNet President Speaks Out: Fired Devs Could ‘Have Chosen Not to Engage’ [21]
Polygon Julia Alexander,
Ben Kuchera
07/10/18 ArenaNet’s firings reinforced gaming culture’s worst impulses [22]
GamerNews 07/10/18 Fired Guild Wars 2 writer says she was given no warning • [23]
GamesIndustryBiz Matthew Handrahan 07/10/18 ArenaNet "promised me that I wouldn't have to check my identity at the door" [24]
IGDA Jen MacLean 07/10/18 Game Devs on Social Media: Questions You Should Ask For Your Protection [25]
MMORPG Bill Murphy 07/10/18 Discussion / Guild Wars 2 ArenaNet and the Wisdom of Not Doing Anything [26]
Pcgamer Andy Chalk 07/11/18 Fired ArenaNet dev calls dismissal 'an active solicitation of harassment' [27]
MassivelyOP Bree Royce 07/11/18 Former Guild Wars 2 developer criticizes ArenaNet boss for ‘solicitation of harassment’ and minimization of her work [28]
GamesWorkersUnite 07/12/18 Game Workers Unite Condemns ArenaNet for Inciting Further Harassment of Their Employees [29]
VentureBeat Stephanie Chan 07/12/18 The IndieBeat: ArenaNet’s firings heighten concerns about company policies and harassment [30]
The Verge Megan Farokhmanesh 07/12/18 ArenaNet firings cast a chilling shadow across the game industry [31]
OneAngryGamer 07/12/18 Jessica Price And Peter Fries Were Fired Because Of Hostility, Not Reddit, Says ArenaNet [32]


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