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Anti-Gamergate are individuals who are against Gamergate, most of them are Social Justice Warriors and the Mainstream Media.

We're Venting

The existence of the "Anti-GG" as an organized movement has been always denied and mocked by people accused of belonging to it. The log leaks proved that all major Anti-GG figureheads were working together at CON. [1]

How They View Gamergate

To most of them, Gamergate's identity is what they most commonly agreed upon. They saw the consumer revolt as an opportunity for greater things that they themselves could use, as well as a source to grow from. [2] These were people, who wanted to command Gamergate or treat it as a stepping stool for more. While in the beginning, it was pushed for the revolt to be the anti-women movement, it became more of a space where they see Gamergate's wasted potential or dissecting it to show its nasty skeletons in order to gain recognition.

However, the idea of the Militant Group Identity was always the focus of its members. Either Gamergate did not do enough or Gamergate was corrupt, the focus was to make people within the movement feel like they were being used and manipulated was often referred to. But, their push for this often revealed personal vendettas against Gamergate, these reasons were vast and different from each other, but they all came together as a sense of spite and vindictiveness. They see Gamergate's identity was a fattened goose, that they wanted to devour, but became too big to stop.

They also see Gamergate as people, who could not accept female acceptance into the gaming world. Many of these accounts to support these claims came from very biased perspectives that provided little evidence or discussion; many of were these opinions came from purely personal engagements.

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