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Occupation: author

Anne Rice is an anti-authoritarian author of the Vampire Chronicles who defacto entered into the Gamergate conflict when an unknown third party contacted her regarding Randi Harper. Rice, who champions a website known as "Stop the Goodreads bullies," publicly called out Randi Harper's bullying. [1]

The website she supports has also taken on Leigh Alexander and John Scalzi, and it is rumored that an attempt is being made to collect the needed data to create a piece on notable bully and anti-Gamergate personality PZ Myers.

Although not publicly aligned with GamerGate, Anne Rice has no bias against gamers and is unwilling to demonize an entire group of people based on nothing more than the urging of the very same people whose names have frequently ended up on STGRB over the years. Similarly, STGRB has stated that they too have not weighed in on the GamerGate conflict. Regardless, they have yet to create articles on bullies who're ideologically aligned with the GamerGate side, though it is mostly due to the fact that one cannot document bullying behavior that does not exist.

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