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Role in Gamergate

In June 6, 2018, Anime News Network made a list on some of the unique yet interesting light novels, that are not yet translated.[1] Kim Morrissy classified some of them through a feminist and Western lens, like "The Witch of Tata" (which was the 24th Grand Prize winner) were she also surmise that the fantasy "isekai was also a social commentary documentary. "And Despite some tacky moments, it's ultimately more thoughtful than you'd expect about the social pressures that face young adults in Japan." Also, stating that a Dengeki Bunko title, "86", was about "a white supremacist nation" that removed the rights and citizenship of minorities and sends them to fight drone. "The plot follows a group of child soldiers, which is commanded from afar by a well-intentioned yet painfully priviled handler."

Triggered By the Shield Hero

During December 26, 2018, Zac Bertschy tweeted was "Is Everyone ready for "Rising of the Shield Hero Discourse?" Do people really know what that shit is actually about yet?"...Zac's suggested that the anime and manga be toned down, since he didn't like the idea of the "Shield Hero's chief motivation...Is a dude getting revenge against a lady for making a false rape accusation against him and has a harem of slave women."

In January 2019, Justin Sevakis was insanely triggered by the plot of "Rise of the Shield Hero", a manga and anime about Naofumi, who became a victim of a false rape accusation. [2] Now claimed that Emma Bowers, sexually harassed him for years and it's only now that she included his name in her own special list of accused sexual offenders.[3].


Anime News Network has Nina,[4] who was created by Robin Sevakis. The latter made the previous mascot, Jadress, who was with ANN when it first launched in 1998.[5]

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