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Role in Gamergate

In June 6, 2018, Anime News Network made a list on some of the unique yet interesting light novels, that are not yet translated.[1] Kim Morrissy classified some of them through a feminist and Western lens, like "The Witch of Tata" (which was the 24th Grand Prize winner) were she also surmise that the fantasy "isekai was also a social commentary documentary. "And Despite some tacky moments, it's ultimately more thoughtful than you'd expect about the social pressures that face young adults in Japan." Also, stating that a Dengeki Bunko title, "86", was about "a white supremacist nation" that removed the rights and citizenship of minorities and sends them to fight drone. "The plot follows a group of child soldiers, which is commanded from afar by a well-intentioned yet painfully priviled handler."


Anime News Network has Nina,[2] who was created by Robin Sevakis. The latter made the previous mascot, Jadress, who was with ANN when it first launched in 1998.[3]

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