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Andy Eddy

Aliases @Vidgames
Occupation Journalist
Affiliations formerly IGN


Editor of VideoGames & Computer Entertainment, Co-Author of Game Over: Press Start to Continue

He has served as from Senior Editorial Manager of Community Sites at IGN Entertainment in Brisbane, California and ended his run as Editor in Chief at TeamXbox in March 2010.
Eddy was the author of several books, including Internet After Hours and several TurboGrafx-16 code books.
He also wrote new content for an updated edition of David Sheff’s book Game Over: How Nintendo Zapped an American Industry, Captured Your Dollars, and Enslaved Your Children in 1999.
It was retitled Game Over: Press Start to Continue includes new interviews and updated company history, written by Eddy.
Eddy is also notable for setting up one of the first online archive dedicated to gaming. His personal FTP site at Netcom was among the first internet archives for gaming FAQs and information in 1994. A mirror of Eddy’s site later developed into the popular website GameFAQs.