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All The Tropes
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All The Tropes (a.k.a ATT) is a wiki where they discuss trends and patterns in all forms of media.


In 2013, AllTheTropes broke off from TvTropes over issues of censorship. Now they, AllTheTropes, will happy cover any other media topics that's currently being censored by Tv Tropes. [1] [2]

ATT is a fork of Tv Tropes, done so for philosophical, creative, and legal reasons. Which is explained here:

The site's web host, Miraheze, is dependent on donations for it to continue. [3]


According to it's history page, on October 26, 2010, Google without warning and suddenly shuts down all of the advertising to Tv Tropes, this is referred to as the Google Incident or The Situation. Mainly because Google AdSense prohibits "mature and adult content" and since Tv Tropes has some pages that are family unfriendly. [4] [5] The Tropers panic (although there's some saner responses). On April 2012, the Second Google Incident, due to the threat of Tv Tropes loosing ad revenue to Google noticing the "inappropriate" content, Fast Eddie has to make a respond or the site goes. Hundreds of pages addressing unsuitable and uncomfortable topics are culled! Tv Tropes entered a censorship regime. [6] Looney Toons, one of the Tv Trope contributors, expressed disappointment and disgust about the censorship going on and that hee cannot in good conscience remain as a member of the wiki. Soon, Looney Toons was banned, his page is blanked and locked, this act cause other tropers to abandon Tv Tropes. Another Tv Troper, Vorticity (aka Labster), ran a crawler to get all of the Tv Tropes' content into source form. Then on November 1, 2013, the first page of All The Tropes is imported to the Orain servers, Blaxploitation.

September 16, 2015, Orain was compromised and all of its database were completely wiped. This made All the Tropes migrated to Miraheze, to recover and restore all that is lost concerning it's database. The day after Christmas, All the Tropes moved to a new domain.

Fast Eddie holds All The Tropes in contempt, when he step down and Drew Schoentrup took over. The new TVT CEO does not have any ill will about All The Tropes. [7]


The old version of All The Tropes was hijacked. Until, it found another site, MediaWiki and Miraheze, to host it.

All The Tropes: The Troper's Code

1. Educate 2. Entertain 3. Have fun, 4. and Play nice! [8]

Role in Gamergate

Accurately Represented

The Gamergate page can be directed to newcomers as one of the few accurate coverage of Gamergate, even though it's barely updated. Currently, they are currently covering it.

GG Pages


Vivian James:

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