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Aliases @alexhern
Occupation Journalist
Affiliations The Guardian


Publication Date Publication Title Archived Version
12 September 2014 15:23 UTC The Guardian Zoe Quinn on Gamergate: 'We need a proper discussion about online hate mobs' (1)
23 October 2014 13:18 UTC The Guardian Felicia Day's public details put online after she described Gamergate fears (1)
13 January 2015 13:57 UTC The Guardian Gamergate hits new low with attempts to send Swat teams to critics (1)
19 January 2015 13:54 UTC The Guardian Gamergate targets launch anti-harassment network (1)
23 January 2015 13:49 UTC The Guardian Wikipedia votes to ban some editors from gender-related articles (1)

Social Media

Date Platform Summary Archived Version
13 October 2014 Twitter Calls Gamergate a hate group (1)
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