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Adrienne Shaw


Adrienne Shaw works at Temple University as an assistant professor at the Department of Media Studies and Production, she's one of the graduate faculty members of the School of Media and Communication.

In 2011, Adrienne Shaw authored an article title, Do You Identify as a Gamer? Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Gamer Identity. [1] [2]


Adrienne Shaw is co-chair of the International Communication Association's GLBT Studies Special Interest Group.

  • Fall 2012 and onward - Assistant professor, Temple University, Department of Broadcasting/ Telecom / MassMedia (BTMM).
  • 2012 - Colorado State University, Department of Communication (postdoc).
  • 2011 - University of Pittsburgh, Department of Communication (postdoc).
  • Fall 2010, Ph.d, Anneberg for Communications.


  • Putting the Gay in Games - Cultural Production and GLBT Content in Video Games, Games, and Culture, Volume 4 Number 3, July 2009.
  • What is Video Game Culture? Cultural Studies and Games Studies, Games and Culture, 2010.
  • Do You identify as a gamer? Gender, Race, Sexuality, and Gamer Identity, New Media and Society, 2011.

Gamer Identity

In Do You Identity as a Gamer? Shaw finds that:

Shaw finds that women, who play games are less likely to identify as "gamers."

Her conclusions, Shaw


Do not engage with Shaw at all, Adrienne Shaw has gone way off the deep end to be reasoned with and might do something bad.


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