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Adam Sessler
Aliases: @AdamSessler
Occupation: Former Video Game Journalist (G4 Editior-in-Chief)
Affiliations: TheoryHead,G4


Adam Sessler was a former gaming journalist and co-host of X-Play. [1]


I think chemical weapons dealers have a more tolerable consumer base than videogames. I am truly embarrassed for this industry.
— Adam Sessler, Twitter, November 6, 2013 [2]

False Accusations of Drug Abuse

During E3's 2013 being covered by Rev3Games, which ran from June 11 to June 13, in which several videos shown Sessler to be seen behaving very erratically, presenting nervous tics, slurred speech, and other symptoms often associated with drug abuse. [3]

Soon rumors surface on the internet about cocaine usage. Although they were for in for the mockery mostly, some of the assumptions took some hold. There is no evidence whatsoever about drug abuse beyond conjecture based on videos, which attributed to his stress and overwork during E3.

I Didn't Dox (Yet)...But I Wish I Did

During the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention 2013, which lasted from July 11 to July 13, Adam Sessler and Jim Sterling shared a panel to discuss about the state of online gaming communities, both even defended Feminist Frequency [4].

On the topic of hate speech and the trolls which use it, Sessler made a valid point that its their right to free speech to behave in such a manner, and he has the freedom of speech to call them out and offend them as wll. However, Adam Sessler followed this up by stating that it justifies doxxing, stating that it's his right to finding their addresses, and publicizing it on the web, this got cheers from its audience and an enthusiastic agreement from Jim Sterling.

Accuses 4Chan of "Live Hacking Attempts"

During August 21 2014, two days after Zoe Quinn faked her own doxxing(?) [5], Adam Sessler tweeted about being with her in a bar and "watching these hack attempts going down live," with screenshot showing Zoe Quinn and her boyfriend, Alex Lifschitz, browsing what seems to be a 4chan board (During this time, 4chan has not banned Gamergate discussions) and soon afterwards, he advertises her Patreon.

Suspicions of favoritism arose from this event, considering facts that:

  • Journalists associating too much with the developers and publishers being on of Gamergate's contentions (Although Sessler has left gaming journalism since April 2014, Adam Sessler remains a personality in the gaming press).
  • Adam flat-out encourages people to donate money to one such dev.
  • Two days prior, Quinn unsuccessfully attempted to fake her own doxxing.
  • She indeed has not been hacked then, or at all.

4chan's /v/ board (The video game community) mocked Adam Sessler's accusations, which they saw as another smear attack on Gamergate. However, hours after Sessler's tweets, Phil Fish's Polytron site was hacked and with it his doxxes were leaked. The unknown perpetrator left a message on Polytron's site is purposefully sarcastic and obfuscating, which led pro-Gamergate people to argue it was a "false flag," like Quinn's. However, Polytron's hacking proved to be genuine.

Are You Censoring To Win?

Adam Sessler got Sony to censor and change the names of multiple God of War trophies, such as the Bros Before Hos Trophy (It's now known as "Bros Before Foes") [6], from this possibly manufactured controversy. In one of his 2013 Rev3Games Youtube video, Adam Sessler calls gamers "paranoid" for being distrusting of one of their reviews of an EA-published game which featured ads for EA itself. Also, he supports real-life harassment of pro-Gamergators. [7]

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